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Keeping confidences

“It is quite impressive how such seemingly simple things as having someone to genuinely talk and listen to can do so much wonders for our psyche.

Lia Andanar Yu



We all have problems. From the minute annoyances and peeves to the migraine-causing, gut-wrenching, heartbreaking and spirit-zapping burdens. I have yet to find someone who is not carrying a load or bearing a cross. In spite of life’s challenges, there are those who manage to cheerfully smile and conduct their daily activities with exhilarating positivity and a sense of peace that soothes and calms the people around them. I am fortunate to know quite a few such inspiring individuals.

These people have not been spared from the vicissitudes of life nor the worries most of us have probably faced at some point in our existence. They have most likely experienced trials ranging from petty squabbles, friendship issues, family quandaries, financial struggles, work problems, illnesses or love predicaments. What makes these inspiring people shine is the manner in which they face their problems. It is good to find such individuals you can look up to and emulate. It is such a jackpot, a priceless blessing if you have them on speed dial, Viber, Facebook Messenger or whatever is your favored means of communication.

As I write this, I also jot down the names of those whom I admire. People I go to for advice and, come to think of it, seek my advice at other times, too. Many times, we do not even need advice from each other. It is enough for us to take patient turns in either listening or speaking. There are eight of them who quickly come to mind. The seven may probably get to read this article and so for their privacy, I will not mention any of their personal details. Suffice it to say that I have drawn so much strength from such life-giving relationships, and I hope I am able to share as much with them and others as I have been freely given. The other one whom I deeply admire passed away over a year ago. It amazes me how her lessons on faith, calmness, resilience and humble strength continue to light my path. As I reflect on her life and that of the other admirable people on my list, I appreciate that they have in common an attitude of thinking things through, seeking wise advice, listening intently and the trustworthy ability to keep confidences.

Many mornings I have seen two ladies dressed in similar colored T-shirts (some days blue, other days, pink), black pants and runners walking around the park across my bedroom window. They are usually busy talking and walking. I don’t know who they are, but I get the feeling that they have got something right in their early morning routine.

It is quite impressive how such seemingly simple things as having someone to genuinely talk and listen to can do so much wonders for our psyche.

As I was taking in the Valentine’s Day frenzy at the shopping malls this past week, I reminded myself to say a prayer for my Lola Lili whose life continues to inspire me and to send messages or talk to my other friends and family members who keep my spirit nourished at my most trying of junctures.

Unlike everything for sale this Valentine’s week, to have someone to talk to about anything and everything is absolutely priceless.

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