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‘Keep politics out of schools’

Pat C. Santos



Manila Mayor Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso exhorted the city’s teachers to keep politics out of schools.

Speaking before public school teachers, the mayor said, as mentors, he expects them to have a higher understanding and discernment between right and wrong.

Instead of engaging in politics, he said tutors should focus their time in making better citizens of their students.

Likewise, he asked them to keep city officials in their prayers to have the strength to address the city’s problems.

“I hope that you will pray to the Almighty to give us a clear mind, a sound spirit and strength to be able to serve the public faithfully and properly,” Domagoso said.

In exchange, he vowed that he and Vice Mayor Honey Lacuna will do their job to the extent of their abilities.

“I hope you will not be like barangay officials who have not yet moved on… Let us move on,” he added.

Likewise, he encouraged the teachers to come forward and tell him if politicos interfere with their jobs.

He assured them that the city government will strengthen their health care benefits.

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