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Duterte: Trump deserves to be re-elected

Francis Wakefield



Presidents Trump (left) and Duterte.
U.S. President Donald Trump’s re-election bid has received support from President Rodrigo Duterte.
“President Trump is a good President and he deserves to be re-elected,” Duterte was quoted as saying by his spokesman Salvador Panelo on Sunday.
The presidential spokesperson said Duterte made the remark after Trump agreed with his decision to terminate the Visiting Forces Agreement between the Philippines and the U.S.
Panelo quoted Trump as saying that the VFA termination was fine with him and it will save the U.S. a lot of money.
Trump was also quoted as saying that his view on the matter is different from others, referring to US Secretary of National Defense Mark Esper who said the abrogation of the VFA is a step in the wrong direction.
Trump also said he has a good relationship with Duterte.
Interference in the internal affairs of the country prompted Duterte t0 terminate the VFA with the USA.
“As a matter of principle and national pride, being the head of an aggrieved and insulted state, he (Duterte) had been compelled to terminate the VFA.
In the same press statement, Duterte was also quoted as saying that if Trump is a Filipino and the Philippine president, given his character and principled stand on a matter of national interest, he would have done exactly the same thing the former had done.
“”President Duterte also said that if he were the US President, he would have given the same reaction,” Panelo said.
By way of a gentle reminder, Trump also stated that the United States helped the Philippines in crushing the ISIS terrorists during the Marawi rebellion.
Panelo said the Philippine government is not oblivious of such succor and reiterates its appreciation for that assistance.
“We wish to remind our erstwhile bosom ally that we too fought side by side with them in fighting the Japanese Imperial forces during the Second World,” Panelo said.
“The time to strengthen our defense capabilities has come. Reliance on another country to defend our motherland from whoever desires to threaten our territorial integrity as well as to assault our sovereignty will only further weaken and stagnate our already limited resources,” said Panelo.
As the President said in arguing that we have to stand alone and depend on our own resources in fighting enemies of the state: If not now, when ? Kung hindi ngayon, kailan pa?
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