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Mistakes of the past

Pauline Songco



Margie (Oineza) and Mike (Bagatsing) met five years ago and had an affair. Things didn’t work out. Will they go for a second chance this time around?

If there’s one thing that actress Jane Oineza learned from her past relationships, it’s that second chances should be given whenever you can. “You shouldn’t count them. Once, twice or thrice. But if it’s too much, end it. Don’t force yourself on people who know they’re wrong but they repeat it anyway,” Jane said.

“Continuously learn from your past experiences so when you find yourself in the same situation next time, you already have a better idea on how to deal with it,” she explained.

RK Bagatsing, Jane’s onscreen partner in the post-Valentine’s flick Us Again, learned the importance of communication whenever misunderstandings arise in a relationship. “Regardless of how difficult the situation is, it’s better to talk about it rather than go days without saying a word,” he said.

Directed by Joy Aquino, Us Again marks the second teamup of Jane and RK. They were first partnered in Precious Hearts Romances presents Araw Gabi (2018).

JANE Oineza and RK Bagatsing reunite in the big screen with “Us Again.”

“I’m excited because this is my comeback project with RK. We’re thankful to Regal Films for another opportunity to work together, especially with a full-length movie,” Jane said.

Us Again is the story of Mike (RK) a struggling artist who meets Margie (Jane) an unfulfilled medical technician frustrated to become a doctor. Five years ago, they met and had an affair. However, their relationship didn’t last.

Years passed and they crossed paths again. But is it too late for them to start over?

RK said, “Mike is kind of lost. He doesn’t know what to do with his life. Time came when he met Margie and they went their separate ways. Fast forward, they met again and the circumstances are still not okay. Even if that’s the case, the two still tried to bet on the connection they had.”

In the movie, RK and Jane have to engage in intimate scenes. “Not really because when we did Araw Gabi we already shot some intimate scenes. I’m comfortable with RK in doing them. He’s a gentleman. He makes you feel that it is safe,” Jane said.

RK echoed his leading lady’s answer: “Hindi naman. At the end of the day, you have a job to do and a story to tell. It’s my responsibility to make my scene partner feel safe in every scene that we do.”

Us Again also stars It’s Showtime’s “Bidaman” winner Jin Macapagal, Sarah Edwards, Eda Nolan, Miko Gallardo, Clara del Rosario, Minnie Nato, Veronica Reyes and Phiona Raymundo.

“I’m very thankful for Ms. Rosel’s invitation to do this film for Regal. Us Again is my first full-length narrative so I’m sure in the beginning it felt like a risk for them. That’s also why I’m very thankful for the support that they gave. I’m just really excited for everyone to see it, the chemistry and Jane’s acting level, RK and everyone too is really something for the audience should see,” Aquino concluded.

Us Again opens on cinemas 26 February

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