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CNPF, Shakey’s ‘plastic-neutral’

AJ Bajo



Century Pacific Food (CNPF) and Shakey’s Pizza Asia Ventures, both under the Po-led Century Pacific Group (CPG), said it has achieved its plastic-neutral target, after it recovers the equal amount of plastic it puts out through its products.

This came after the consumer companies set the goal to become 100 percent plastic-neutral in 2019 in partnership with cement-maker Republic Cement and Friends of Hope.

Under the agreement, Republic Cement co-processes post-consumer waste and converts it into energy, which in turn serves as an alternative fuel to produce cement.

Canned goods manufacturer CNPF is behind products Century Tuna, Argentina, 555 and Birch Tree, while Shakey’s Pizza is among the country’s top pizza and full-service restaurants with over 200 stores nationwide.

“Consumer companies face significant cost and performance challenges in finding more sustainable alternatives to plastic. While co-processing is not the perfect solution, it can mitigate the environmental impact of plastic usage,” CPG president Christopher Po was quoted as saying.

Heat to produce cement

CPG said the process utilizes heat to destroy and recover thermal or mineral properties of waste materials so that it can be used in cement processing in a single, combined operation.

The co-processed waste, which requires up to 1,450°C of temperature, leaves zero residue, it said.

Meanwhile, Republic Cement is licensed by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources to use and dispose of qualified waste streams via cement kiln co-processing, CPG added.

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