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Sweet love

Raye Sanchez



VALENTINE’S made special with Paulo Avelino. RED RIBBON

The common goal every Valentine’s day is to show loved ones our appreciation for them through heartfelt gifts or gestures, whether laidback or to the nines.

And if you’re having a hard time choosing between both, what’s the one thing that fits all occasions? Cake!

Actor Paulo Avelino shows us how we can express our most heartfelt love through Red Ribbon’s Valentine Black Forest cake.

Like how Paulo takes precious time and effort to carefully plan the most impressive Valentine’s date for his special someone, Red Ribbon masterfully crafted the Valentine Black Forest with luscious chocolate and creamy icing which also comes in a limited-edition, heart-shaped design topped with sweet Maraschino cherries and a chocolate ribbon, making it the perfect present for your dearest.

The limited-edition Red Ribbon Valentine Black Forest is only available from 13 to 15 February.

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