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If one is to ask what is the fastest sport, Google’s answer varies. One answer is drag racing, where cars run at speeds of up to 539 kilometers per hour (kph), which is the world record.
Another answer is badminton, where shuttlecocks can go at 493 kph when smashed. Jai-alai is also considered the fastest sport because hurled pelota balls go at 302 kph.

But the mentioned sports actually take minutes or more to complete from the start to the end. Reckoning from these, the fastest sport should be the 100-meter dash.

There was one report of VIP watching from the front seat of an IAAF World Athletics Championship (WAC) race top-billed by Usain Bolt, the fastest man on Earth for holding the century dash record of 9.58 seconds. They paid a hefty sum for the ticket, the equivalent of P46,000 per head. But the show lasted only about 10 seconds as the Jamaican sprinter crossed the finish line in less than that time.

Currently, WAC offers $60,000 in cash prize to a gold medal winner. That means a winner in running just one race can easily earn that much in under 10 seconds in the 100-meter event. That’s about $6,000 per second, which Bolt can easily earn if he is not yet retired.

Now, who can beat that earning velocity? Well, a teacher from Palmetto Bay, Florida happened to earn more than $6,000 per second.

Jessie Rebhan was a contestant on Thursday’s episode of “Wheel of Fortune” and had to guess the three-word puzzle in 10 seconds with just four letters —- N, C, E, R — given. The question category was “What are you doing?” and the puzzle was supposed to be easy.

In five seconds, Rebhan answered, “Buying a juicer.” Host Pat Sajak was surprised with the correct answer and showed the contestant her prize of $37,000. She actually earned $7,400 per second in the duration.

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