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Valentine’s hedonistic live performance




THE three-hour interactive performance is part of the 2020 Fringe Manila Art Festival. DALOY MOVEMENT

For a Valentine’s date, ditch the run-of-the-mill movie or lounge show and try something different, something daring, something thought-provoking.

Choreographer and movement facilitator, Ea Torrado will offer a three-hour interactive performance called “Transcendance: A Daloy Movement” on 14 February at Kondwi in Makati City, as part of the 2020 Fringe Manila Art Festival, with live music by DJ Ed Croix. The performance will include an opening performance by K.Go, a Brooklyn-based artist, called “Hungry Ground.”

Originally trained in ballet, Ea started Daloy Movement in 2014 as an embodied research on dance as a healing practice. She arrived at a place of fulfilment after many years as a company dancer first with Ballet Manila, then Ballet Philippines, and wanted to break free and shift her footing to a new flavor of expression. Coming from the highly technical, precise and formalized movement world of ballet, her exploration and exposure to physical theater, yoga, somatic practices and community work introduced Ea to a language of dance that is both beautiful and inclusive.

In a Daloy Movement Jam, all bodies and all backgrounds are welcome. The participants move to bracing music as Ea guides through winged verbalization of anatomical cues and imagery prompts that birth the space for each body to flow through the state of order, swell exponentially into chaos, and be “trance-ported” back into order again.

“Transcendance,” the movement jam, aims to destroy and transcend the popular notion of love as clinginess and death without the other.

Daloy Movement also espouses the principle of a fluid payment scheme where the participants pay based on their economic capacity and their perceived value of the experience. This serves as a reflection of the body’s accessible and encompassing availability to be free. Expect to be enthralled by a live show of mind-body dance and cathartic release that our ancient ancestors knew very well.

When asked why the title is “Transcendance,” Ea answers, “Perhaps to transcend through dancing and to transcend the common misused meaning of love in pop songs that is associated with clinginess or dying without the other, etc.”

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