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Dancing with the diplomats



We never miss the ultimate ball of the year. I am referring to the Consular Ball which I find very interesting because of the presence of ambassadors and consuls from various parts of the world, including our own honorary consuls, of course. If there is one event with a truly international flavor, it would be this one.

The all-night dancing at the Makati Shangri-La Ballroom is both fun and glamorous, anticipated by anyone who loves to enjoy themselves.

The most recent edition of this most awaited sit-down dinner and ball had superb music, thanks to the live band with great dis jockeys. Congratulations to Boyet Javelona Sison who was behind the decks, ensuring that everyone was tempted to stand up and gyrate or swing or waltz on the floor.

A highlight of the evening was the drawing of raffle prizes. I did not win a single prize but I was happy for my friends, many of them right on our table, who won those expensive items donated by the members of the diplomatic corps. I always have a table every year but I never win, so I didn’t think it would be any different, and I was right. I came for fun and bliss, and surely, I got them beyond my expectations, and I certainly had great ones.

It was a pleasure socializing with the ambassadors and their ladies. The other ladies, especially those not spoken for yet, surely had the time of their lives mixing with the bachelor diplomats and expats, good-looking, articulate and, yes, smart. My tip to those who want to catch eligible bachelors: get yourself a table at the Consular Ball, which of course could go as high as five or six figures, but that’s not much if you end up with the right guy. Marry a diplomat and travel the world, as they say!


Of course, one could not have a serious discussion with everyone talking simultaneously, but exchanging pleasantries is a good start for anyone who may wish to pursue someone later. Now, I am not saying if the gentlemen or the ladies will do the pursuing, but for sure, whoever will may find themselves lucky if the pursued turns out to be exactly as what one expected.

Beyond the flirting and the babbling, some diplomats were in a huddle most likely hinting at possible agenda for future serious talks and negotiations. I dared not eavesdrop. Instead, I smiled and laughed and yes, contributed to the non-stop conversation. But what I did most and best was to dance.

As usual, some of my friends played their Cinderella roles to the hilt, leaving even before the clock struck 12. I am not sure why they had to leave early, but I am certain that their designer fineries did not turn into tattered rugs and their limos into pumpkins and mice. And not a single one left behind the other half of a pair of glass slippers. I would not, if mine were Debbie Wingham stilettos or like the ruby shoes designed by Harry Winston for actress Dorothy Gale in the musical movie The Wizard of Oz.

Many stayed till the wee hours, like our dear friend Noel Oñate who, with his gang, was still very much awake and lively even as the waiters were cleaning the tables. I, of course, stayed too, because I love to party and I love to party the whole night to the next morning through.

Congratulations to the Consular Committee headed by vivacious and charming Annette Ablan and our dear Helen Ong. I owe my good table to Tita Helen and Fortune Ledesma, both of whom I love so dearly.
How, tell me, can one go wrong socially with friends like them?