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Hermes dreams come true



Nympha Javier, Ofelia Wadle, Fortune Ledesma, Helen Ong, Connie Haw and Mayenne Carmona.

It might have been another night of partying, except that this one, which is held every year, never fails to give its guests the “wow” factor.

Anyone (and they’re not just anyone but glamorous A-list “somebodies”) who attended the Hermes party, “In the Pursuit of Dreams,” could only shriek in delight, if they had the all-out courage to do so. Of course, the guests being who they are, of that breeding and style, could only properly utter an understated “Wow,” almost whispered under their breath, but I decided to be different and right there and then gave my 101% approval.

How could I not? I loved the Hermes printed decors within the fabulous four walls of the Maybank Performing Arts Theater in the BGC, where the fantastic annual event was held , the stripes on its walls and the glow in the dark, all these adding to the mystique during the cocktails

So much fun was had by all whole night through, the VIPS, the old rich and the newly minted ones, all Hermes fans in their dazzling outfits with their matching Hermes bags and accessories. Like everyone else present that magical night, I loved the music of the nice live band, the cocktail food and the champagne that flowed endlessly, all adding to the gaiety that, of course, could only be possible when it’s a party that’s hosted by our dear, lovable Mario Katigbak.

If I must stress, to the point of being redundant, I never miss the Hermes Party every year because it is always the best and filled with lots of surprises! As I tell my friends, the Hermes party is always exciting and amazing and no one dares contradict me.

Congratulations, Mario, for another year of success. I trust 2020 will bring you all the love, wealth and happiness that you deserve.

But before I wind up, I must share with you what I read about Hermes, being tops when it comes to sustainable development, mere buzz words to a lot, but which, like it or not, we must take seriously. For starters, Hermes, according to what I have just read, insists on the authenticity of its products. And I quote, “By authenticity, we especially mean respecting natural raw materials and developing artisanal skills, essentially in France… Hermès is an attentive, concerned and committed company which conducts its business in a way that respects its ecological, social, economic and cultural environment.” Now, that’s saying a lot and if you take those words seriously, you would want to keep going back to the Hermes shop because you just don’t want to pamper yourself with a good buy, but you also empathize with mother earth and the global community. For a brand that is decisively luxurious beyond everything that is luxurious, it is remarkably relevant and sensitive to the needs of society. Need I say more?