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Filipino youth pens children’s book

Those books aim to stir children’s vision of themselves as endowed with wit, charm, ability and resources.

Bea Micaller



Some children were lucky to get copies of the books autographed by the illustrator and translators.

They say children are the hope of the future.

In turn, they do their part in fueling hope to the world.

Recently, 14 former students of the Filipino Language Class at the Sentro Rizal Phnom Penh (SRPP) teamed up to create three original bilingual children’s books.

These 14 bright students colluded for a translation project and produced the books entitled We are Amazing (Kami ay Magaling), We are Beautiful (Kami ay Maganda) and We are Blessed (Kami ay Mapalad).

“We are amazing for giving our children this wonderful opportunity,” said Jean Alingod-Guittap, a parent of one of the students.

“We set to help our children better appreciate their identity and culture with this project, but what it taught me personally is just how rich our culture is and how our children, despite being far from our country, carry it with them,” she added.

The books were not only created solely out of fun for the children.

Those books aim to stir children’s vision of themselves as endowed with wit, charm, ability and resources.

Willow, daughter of Alingod-Guittap, was one of the students who created the books.

She was a student from the first batch of the Filipino Language Class organized by SRPP back in 2015.

The Department of Foreign Affairs, meanwhile, supports this project of the embassy as it can widen the knowledge of children in Philippine history and identity as a nation.

In fact, with the help of the agency, the three books were recently published and ready to be donated to public schools in Cambodia and Sentro Rizals around the world.

“Though admittedly our children translators had a hard time pronouncing and remembering some words, they persisted,” Alingod-Guittap said.

“When their families did the translation with them, one word kept coming up as they described the experience: Fun. As people, that is what we are known for. Love for reading is another,” she added.

“But the most touching for me is our children’s heart to share and give back. They shared their books with family and friends, and one even did so to encourage them to learn Filipino.”

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