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Best democratic candidates

“But in recent days, frontrunner Joseph Biden had gradually fallen from sharing the top slot with Sanders to slipping into the second berth.

Dean Dela Paz



In the next few days the first Democratic caucus to pick the party’s candidate for the 2020 presidential elections will be taking place in Iowa. Soon this will be followed by a similar caucus in New Hampshire.

Both states are critical voting arenas and more relevant since the winner will be that one person that the full resources of the party will be arrayed behind.

It is a tradition that is less than 50 years old and its greatest drawback is that the delegates in this day and age might not reflect the full spectrum of vastly dichotomous diversity that the United States has morphed into. The Party is no longer the same as the party of John F. Kennedy. And the Republican Party is not the same that sponsored Richard Nixon’s second term.

America has changed drastically alongside the drastic changes in the character of its modern-day immigrants. See who these are and one quickly realizes that today’s America is almost unrecognizable from its halcyon past. Given the ideological differences between the Democrats and the Republicans and how the surge in immigration, undocumented aliens and refugees from as near as the southern borders to as far as the birthplaces of militant Islam, the America we see seems to have changed priorities.

More so in the last few days that saw a surge to the front of the pack by one candidate with perhaps the most radical platform since the start of the caucus tradition.

That last point is important albeit being a natural and commonsensical effect. This is because of the individual nature of the leading candidates and the stark differences in platforms.

Not only have these factors come into play but so has the impeachment of Donald Trump as designed by impeachment lead manager, Adam Schiff.

According to Schiff the president’s fate cannot be decided at the ballot box. His admission immediately turns our focus to the 2020 ballot box of which one of the Democrat’s top three will be a challenger. If this impeachment is about 2020 then Schiff has accidentally tripped upon the truth after months of leaping over it.

As he effectively dilutes the importance of the 2020 ballot, it behooves that we examine what that ballot might contain.

Taking his accidental and unintended cue let us review the top field of three. And since these politicians are accustomed to turning matters and spinning the truth on its head, then let’s do just that and start from the tailpipe that’s been spewing all this black smoke.

At the rear end of three is Elizabeth Warren, she of the alleged Native American Indian bloodline, the Cherokee Nation to be exact. Had we been more exact, and had she been more forthright, there is nothing in her DNA that is even remotely a speck of Native American. Unfortunately that is not the only thing dubious in her self-proclaimed background. She once plagiarized her contribution to a book on Native American home recipes entitled Pow Wow Chow, and had instead gotten her recipes from an old French cookbook.

While those little white lies may not have hurt anyone save for the remnant Cherokee Nation, recently her propensity for fibs had gotten a tad offensive when she started alluding to fellow candidate and socialist comrade Bernard Sanders as a sexist bigot who she claims once declared that a woman could not attain the presidency.

Throughout the primaries the man running second was Sanders but in recent days, frontrunner Joseph Biden had gradually fallen from sharing the top slot with Sanders to slipping into the second berth. What changed?

The expected gaffes remain. That he often does not know where he is remains. His Obama-mimicked platform remains. It is growing evidence of grand corruption involving family members that’s new.

As for the new frontrunner Sanders, he is offering a fearsome far Left socialist and tax-heavy economy that may not sit well with highly corporate and capitalist America at a time when the economy is resplendent.

If these are the Democrat’s best three, then it is no wonder that they’ve resorted to the Trump impeachment as Plan A.

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