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Year of Rat: Lucky, Trump

Agence France-Presse



A womAn prays at a Chinese temple ahead of the Lunar New Year of the Rat in Banda Aceh. AFP

TAIPEI, Taiwan (AFP) — As the world prepares to welcome the Year of the Rat, feng shui masters predict a lucky year for Donald Trump, but warn Harry and Meghan’s futures are less certain as they make a bid for freedom.

Both the US President and the Sussexes have begun 2020 with a bang.

The former is facing down an impeachment trial — and seeking re-election in November — while the latter are beginning a new chapter in Canada after consciously uncoupling from the gilded but pressured career of being a working British royal.

But if experts in the field of Chinese horoscopes are to be believed, it is the US president that will have the easier journey this year.

“Trump has a prosperous destiny,” Gao Yu-lin, a feng shui expert from Taiwan told AFP, after consulting his copy of “I Ching” — the ancient Chinese divination book used by many fortune-tellers.

“His destiny is like a ‘child of heaven’ which leans towards a safe, smooth ride and he can overcome all hindrances,” Gao added.

Wang Hsin-yi, who based her predictions from a divination system used in temples dedicated to the popular sea goddess Mazu, agreed that the stars are suggesting a second Trump term.

“Trump has good fortune in 2020 and will achieve new feats. He can turn bad luck into good luck and chances are good he will succeed in what he wants.”

Tsai Shang-chi, a Taipei based fortune-teller, is a little more cautious.

“Trump’s fortunes are largely enhanced in 2020 which is favorable for his campaign,” he told AFP.

“But whether he can be re-elected or not will also depend of the fortunes of his challengers.”

‘Family harmony’
Things are less clear cut for Harry and Meghan.

The couple have set up a new home on Vancouver Island following their shock exit from life as working royals but the road ahead is bumpy.

Wang said she worries about the physical distance the pair have created between them and the British royal family.

“Harry and Meghan need to think things through and take it easy for family harmony, if they are alone they can’t get what they wish for and will cause worry for themselves,” she said.

“They can’t live far from their family or things won’t go well,” she added.

Gao said 2020 looked fairly prosperous for the couple but he warned problems could appear in later years.

“They need to be careful in 2023 for saying the wrong words and doing the wrong things or their image could drop to rock bottom,” he said.

Tsai said the stars showed Meghan’s influence over her husband would be more pronounced in 2020.

“Meghan could make wrong financial decisions to cause losses and increase financial pressure on Harry,” he predicted.

“They could still sustain their lives financially in 2020 but it might deal a blow to their relationship.”

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