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Leni Lugaw hard to digest




Vice President Leni Robredo, or Leni Lugaw as she wishes to be called in her lackluster relief operations in communities affected by the Taal Volcano eruption, again tried to wear a hat too big her size in giving her comments on the complicated water concession agreements issue.

In her weekly radio program, Robredo said the government should not defy laws when reviewing government contracts.

In an obvious effort to defend her yellow big business allies, Robredo noted that the government should make sure that no abuses are committed as far as contracts are concerned.

“But then, we have lost. How the government should act should always be in accordance with laws,” Robredo indicated in reference to the Singapore-based Permanent Court of Arbitration’s decision ordering the government to compensate the water firms a total of nearly P11 billion from unimplemented water rate increases.

Rody and the administration contested the tribunal’s ruling and proceeded to review the contracts which were found to contain provisions injurious to the government and the public.
The Palace advised Robredo to lay off the issue since she is apparently merely parroting partisan lines to favor the yellow cronies.

“I don’t think she knows anything about it,” presidential spokesman Sal Panelo said when asked to retort to the proposals of Robredo.

The Vice President tried to be scholarly, saying laws are there to ensure that no abuses are committed by government.

“If the government is the one who goes beyond what the laws provide for, then that will only give way for more abuses to happen,” Robredo pontificated.

President Rody Duterte had indicated that the government has no intention to comply with the Singapore tribunal’s ruling since it was based on provisions that the government wanted removed in the unjust concession deals.

Proof that Robredo was talking beyond her field of comprehension was her failure to appreciate that before the international tribunal’s decision, the Supreme Court (SC) imposed more than P2 billion in fines on both water concessionaires for violating the Philippine Clean Water Act, which requires them to put up sewage systems in their service areas 10 years ago.

The President’s stand is consistent with the SC’s ruling demanding that the water contractors comply with their commitments.

If not for Rody’s demands on Manila Water and Maynilad, consumers would have remained prey to the profit vultures, yet Robredo continues to insist that the government comply with the tribunal’s ruling and pay both firms of what was deemed part of the onerous deals.

The water firms were clearly rendering poor service as reflected in the constant water supply breakdowns during the peak of the dry season to indicate their failure to implement projects in anticipation of the yearly scourge.

“The President has made a stand and it appears to be effective. Robredo should know that,” according to Panelo.

Robredo is demanding the payment of something which both companies have already earlier waived in response to the rants of Rody of sending to jail the tycoons behind both water firms.

The problem with the Vice President, however, is that she is a mere blind follower of the dictates of her yellow masters and rarely makes an opinion — if she is not totally incapable of forming one.

Robredo have found herself to be of good use in feeding those suffering from catastrophes with her pandesal (common bread) and lugaw (porridge).

She already proved that she is incapable of handling the drugs problem in her regrettable stint as the anti-drugs czarina. Now, she is again trying to bite more than she can chew.
She simply does not learn.

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