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Valentine’s perfect date event

Named Critic’s Pick by The New York Times, Stage Kiss is a wickedly insightful romantic comedy about the blurred lines in a relationship.




MISSY Maramara and Tarek El Tayech as She and He.

Fantasy or reality? Which is which? When does a stage kiss cross the delicate line into a real one?

In Stage Kiss, Repertory Philippines’ (REP) exciting season opener, the intoxicating desire for romance is shattered by the sobering bite of reality. It is clever and funny and — underneath its delicious comic layers — thought-provoking at its core. Stage Kiss is the quintessential must-see for the month of love, hearts and, of course, kisses. Get your tickets now to REP’s first offering for its 83rd Season, running from 7 February to 1 March.

“STAGE KISS” is a rib-tickling love story between former lovers who find themselves working together as lead actors in a play. Will the tons of kisses that they’d be sharing rekindle old feelings long forgotten?

Named Critic’s Pick by The New York Times, Stage Kiss is a wickedly insightful romantic comedy about the blurred lines in a relationship. When an out-of-work stage actress (She) auditions for the lead in a forgettable 1930s melodrama, all the drama she’s hoping for is onstage. Little does she realize she’ll be in for a whole lot more drama than what she’s signed up for. When her romantic co-star (He) walks in on the first day of rehearsals, it turns out to be her real-life ex!

Now, He and She will have to tackle their underlying feelings for each other while playing onstage lovers, all the while sharing many, many stage kisses. As they lock lips, smoldering embers spark. Are they still actors playing a scene or offstage lovers in a moment of passion? In this rib-tickling play-within-a-play, life simulates art and art simulates life. It gets tricky telling one from the other, keeping the audience in constant wonder.

With a book by American playwright Sarah Ruhl, REP’s production of Stage Kiss will be brought to life by multi-awarded film and stage director Carlos Siguion-Reyna, known for films like Azucena, Hihintayin Kita sa Langit and Hari ng Tondo. Playing the romantic leads She and He are Missy Maramara and Tarek El Tayech. Rounding out the cast are REP veterans Robbie Guevara and Jamie Wilson, REP’s up-and-coming young stars Andres Borromeo, Justine Narciso and Mica Pineda, as well as celebrated pianist Nick Nañgit.

Smooching, hugging, touching — there are lots of those. And the humor is so risqué, theatergoers will be laughing and blushing. And beneath all the fun, Stage Kiss will make us ponder the bittersweet longing for how we want things to be versus how they really are. As She rekindles her love for He, slipping further into the fantasy, she finds out who she truly is. Is she the actress, the wife, the lover or all of them? Maybe, none of the above? If you’re way past fairytales and run-of-the-mill love stories, Stage Kiss is that edgy romcom that’s your surefire pick for Valentine’s.

Get your tickets now by calling REP at 8451-1474, 0966-9054013, Ticketworld at 8891-9999 or by logging on to For updates and show schedules, log on to, like and follow repertoryphilippines on Facebook and Instagram.

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