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Goodbye, Petron

So, with a heavy heart: Goodbye, Petron.

Mika Reyes



I have a tough announcement to make.

Starting this year, there would be some big changes in my career.

Sure, these changes entail a lot of responsibilities and challenges, but rest assured that I would still continue to play my heart out and remain committed with the sport that had been so good to me.

As we know, January is about to end all teams are now preparing for the upcoming season of the Philippine Superliga (PSL).

With that, I realized that this is the perfect time for me to announce the major change in my career: I am no longer with Petron as I’ve decided to transfer to Sta. Lucia starting the PSL Grand Prix next month.

Yes, I know it’s tough.

Petron had been so good to me.

I am beyond grateful for everything that its mother company — San Miguel Corporation — had done to me and, of course, for those three memorable years of our relationship.

Being with Petron taught me a lot.

I became stronger and bolder to step out of my comfort zone and soar to new heights, not just in volleyball, but life in general. I would forever be grateful to the men and women who made my stay with Petron very memorable — from the management team to the coaching staff, my teammates, utilities and other people who came along the way.

I have to admit that I was also scared when I moved to Petron in 2016.

F2 Logistics is more than just my former team: It is also my family. I practically grew up under the guidance of coach Ramil de Jesus, who also used to be my mentor in college at De La Salle University since I was 16 year old.

My teammates were my childhood buddies. Our friendship is so deep that if you rip my chest wide open at this very moment, all you can see are their names etched in my heart.

We went through a lot. We celebrated together in victories and cried together in defeat. They are my sisters. They are my best friends for life.

Still, I moved to Petron.

I took this gamble, a leap of faith if you want to call it, because I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and challenge myself.

I wanted to fly on my own and check what’s in store for me outside the comfort of my La Salle and F2 Logistics family.

And it turned out to be the best decision I ever made.

Petron took good care of me and spoiled me the same way the Lady Spikers and the Cargo Movers did.

The Petron management was very professional in running the team. They gave me bigger room to grow and made sure to address all of my concerns — even to a point that I feel that I was already being pampered.

Everything that I have right now is because of Petron. I’m really thankful that the Blaze Spikers rolled the dice on me and never got tired of understanding and taking good care of me despite my imperfections.

I would forever be grateful to the team and to the bosses who pinned their trust on me.

But all good things must eventually come to an end.

The time has come for me to move on and challenge myself again in a new environment. Yes, it has some similarities to what happened three years ago, only this time I am older, wiser and stronger.

Some would say that I should have stayed with Petron while others would question my loyalty. Well, I get that. I know where they are coming from.

But they should also take into consideration that as a professional athlete, I couldn’t shy away from challenges. I am a competitor and I love to push myself to the limit.

I won’t be here if I didn’t embrace the challenge of playing for La Salle under a very strict and disciplinarian mentor in coach Ramil or if I shied away from the challenge of competing for Petron and the national team.

Again, this is not an easy decision to make.

I am also afraid of what lies ahead.

But even if I am sad to kiss my teammates goodbye, I am happy that they still understand and support me despite my decision of chasing new challenges.

It really pains me to walk away from them. But as they say, you have to be comfortable at being uncomfortable. I know I won’t grow if I would just be in the comfort of their company so I have to do this very challenging move of leaving them to join a new team.

That’s how life works.

As I’ve said, this is a gamble.

This is not an easy decision to make.

Fortunately for me, my loved ones are at my side as I make this tough decision. They assured me that whatever happens, they will not leave me and would keep on supporting me all the way.
So, with a heavy heart: Goodbye, Petron.

And with a smile on my face: Hello, Sta. Lucia.

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