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A VIBE that very much complements the look of Alabang Town Center.

The year 2020 is sure to bring to the Filipino home a lot of exciting ideas. This is not surprising given the speed with which trends come and go in this country, especially with international influences reaching the Philippines fast in a world where sharing of ideas is aided by super modern technology. But homemakers need not worry they will be left behind. Right in this country are specialty stores catering to the needs of the mod, sophisticated and up-to-date home owner. Right in the Ayala Malls, one can easily find all these beautiful items that enhance the beauty and comfort of one’s home.

If the Ayala Malls’ Stylescapes are any indication, 2020 will be all about colors, textures, and personalities, given the vibrant and exciting ideas that the annual design showcase presents.

Stylescapes gathers and curates various items from Ayala Malls’ home and specialty stores in eye-catching sets styled by celebrities and renowned interior designers. Through the years, it has inspired ideas among mall-goers on how they can spruce up their own homes to reflect their tastes and creativity. Stylescapes is co-presented by Avida Land, the developer of choice among those who put a premium on value and aspire to experience an Ayala Land lifestyle. Avida Land takes pride in its vision to provide delightful living, offering Filipino families sure, secure and sensible homes where they can feel inspired to celebrate life every day.

Over at the Greenbelt Stylescape, Sea Princess Tessa Valdes and Cyndi Fernandez of Moss Manila created a vignette that reflects the modern and luxe interior design ideas shaping the new year.

Aptly named “Trends for 2020,” the showcase was inspired by Tessa’s personality. “It’s eclectic and glamorous,” Cyndi describes. The vignette also features this year’s Pantone color Classic Blue in eye-catching accents. The exhibit is on display at the Greenbelt 5 Gallery until 23 January.

It’s a refreshing take on East-meets-West over at the Alabang Town Center Stylescape, curated and styled by actor Derek Ramsay and award-winning events stylist Zenas Pineda. Inspired by the British Colonial aesthetic, the vignette presents tropical leaves, woven solihiya, and Asian-inspired furniture right beside accents such as Union Jack flags and miniature Mini Cooper model cars.

It’s a cross-cultural exchange that reflects Derek’s own background. “We went for an all green, natural look that is very much like the ATC vibe,” Zenas adds. The showcase is a serene oasis in the middle of the Corte De Las Palmas and will be available for viewing until 31 January.

Those who want to truly usher in the rejuvenating spirit of the new year into their homes can definitely take a pointer or two from Stylescapes. Let it captivate your imagination and spark some wonderful ideas to make this year even better than the last.

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