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Sofas as works of art

Joy Melrose Cordova



UPHOLSTERY of brown and white matches wooden tables.

“A chair is still a chair even when there’s no one sitting there,” goes the 1970s song. Of course, one can always change the lyrics and say something like, “A sofa is still a sofa even when there’s no one sitting there.”

That statement may sound logical, yet it does make one think. I, for one, would wonder why a sofa would be left in a corner of a beautiful house and not be seated on. That probably says something about the owners who may prefer to sit somewhere else, their beautiful sofa reserved only for VIP guests or for use during special occasions such as birthdays and fiestas.

One can imagine anything at all where chairs are concerned, but a chair, to be inviting, has to be beautiful and comfortable. It should also suit the personality of the owners of the house.

Recently, I came upon a website,, on Facebook. I went over it and was amazed at the beautiful pictures showing various seating arrangements.

I am sharing them with you so you can decide for yourself which one you’d love to sit on to engage in great conversation. Obviously, of these pictures, not one looks like people would refuse to sit on it. They are all pleasant, and they seem to ask the beholder to come and sit.

Such are the wonders of a piece of furniture. They can be ignored and not used for their purpose. But sofas, such as these shown on this page, can only attract family members, friends, guests and associates to enjoy the pleasures of lounging.

Black is beautiful.

The way to enjoy a sofa is to sit on it and see if it fits you (or you fit on it) and gives you joy. If it doesn’t, it means it is not the right sofa, although the choice of furniture varies from person to person, family to family. What matters is one should be happy with one’s purchase.

Now, here’s the interesting part. also offers beds and furniture for home entertainment. So, there, one is allowed a selection, ensuring that the seating arrangement or piece of furniture that one chooses is exactly what one wants for themselves and their loved ones.

A BLUE bed for couples.

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