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Online real estate company bullish for 2020

Kathleen A. Llemit



PropertyAccess relaunched an easier-to-use website for the latest listings in real estate.

If you were to ask Sheila Baylon, young Filipinos are aggressive when it comes to real estate investment.

“They’re more aggressive than us, than me. The younger Filipinos are now smarter and are more entrepreneurial. I’m so amazed,” she enthused.

Baylon has been in the real estate industry for more than two decades. She has marketing and sales experience in real estate consultancy, and development and digital industries. She has lived and worked in the Philippines, China, Vietnam and Malaysia.

Currently, she is the chief partnership and revenue officer as well as co-founder of PropertyAccess, an online real estate company that provides users with real estate multi-listings, intelligent data and analysis. Baylon and chief executive officer Hiroki Kazato founded it in 2018. Kazato is a widely recognized expert in real estate trading and distribution. In 2010, he founded his own company, Real Estate Intermediary Transparency Forum Co., Ltd. which he soon sold to the Sony Group and helped establish Sony Real Estate Co. Ltd. where he served as an executive.

Marketing manager Gelo Echon shares the company’s plans for this year.

“We would like to focus more on the 20s and above. Like in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, these are the people who are buying properties. The demographic of the Philippines is also changing. Filipinos in their 20s to 30s are also buying properties. This demographic is seen to get even younger in the next few years,” she noted.

She added that in Singapore, where she currently resides, buyers as young as 18 are already buying properties. She explained that while the Philippines and Singapore have differing purchasing powers, the former being one of the more progressive markets in the region and the world, the Philippines is not far behind.

“Developers are doing things differently. They make properties more affordable. They are making it possible for the younger generation to afford it. They offer different schemes,” she emphasized.
In-house financing by developers and loans from banks and government agencies such as SSS and Pag-ibig have made it easier for most Filipinos to own homes, with their offers enhanced by lower interest rates and easy payment terms.

The company’s recent relaunch is an opportune time. She noted that many Filipinos are in the process of “warming up” to the idea of buying and selling through an online real estate portal.

“This makes life easier. You have to be open with information and transparent with all information. You have to know how much you have to sell. You have to know how much a property costs if you’re going to buy it. I think it’s the best time that we have to be aware of available properties in the Philippines. There’s something already here in the Philippines. However, our difference is that we also invest. We’re not only a portal; we’re also investors so we know how much the transaction should be,” she said.

The web site features a new interface. Sporting mostly whites and greens, the colors associated with the brand, the site offers easy navigation through current listings.

Real estate agents and brokers can use the website to find customer leads for their property listings. Individuals with properties to sell can also find these agents and/or brokers to help them with the sales. For P999 per month, sellers or real estate agents and brokers can post an unlimited number of listings with no commission sharing to PropertyAccess Philippines.

From there, interested buyers and renters can see the property listings and use the website as a medium to communicate with agents and brokers. They will have access to comprehensive information about property listings and have an easy time communicating with agents and brokers for questions or transactions.

Aside from relaunching the web site, PropertyAccess is excited about two major events this year, the International Property and Investment Conference in May and the 3rd Japan International Property Awards in November. Both are going to be held in Tokyo, Japan.

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