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Is PS4 Pro still a good buy?

John Henry Dodson



THE PS4, in its Pro iteration, remains a good buy with its 4K resolution and HDR 10 capability. But we’re not stopping you from waiting for PS5.

The anticipation by gaming fans for the Playstation 5 reached a feverish pitch in the latest Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas with the release by Sony of the PS5 logo.

Simplistic and, to some, classy, the PS5 logo emerged as the most popular image ever to come from a video gaming machine manufacturer with five millions likes and counting on Instagram.

With PS5’s expected release by Christmastime this year, are those in the market for gaming consoles best served waiting for the “latest and greatest” or is the PS4 still a good buy in 2020?

In terms of handheld gadgets, the Nintendo Switch took a big chunk of gaming hardware revenues in 2019, but the PS4, which first appeared in 2013, has continued to be the top-selling console in the last 10 years, beating X-Box and Nintendo.

THE PS5 logo unveiled at CES 2020 is nothing to crow about.

Tech-wise the Xbox One X may trump the PS4 Pro, where we will put our money on, but consumers cannot really go wrong with either platforms with the vast available titles and the somewhat similar gaming experiences.

After all, when it comes to Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, the rivalry may be parallel to that between Canon and Nikon cameras before the two giants saw the rug pulled under them by makers of mirrorless cameras.

For many gamers, brand loyalty still holds sway and it’s an endless debate really which makers and which models are the best.

But if Sony has something going for it, that has to be its library of high-resolution and exclusive titles that remains to be the envy of Nintendo and Microsoft.

THE XBOX One X is second only to PS4 but only in terms of the latter having a library of exclusive games.

For now, all factors being considered — playability, price and hardware capability — the PlayStation 4 Pro, boasting of 4K resolution, may hold the title “best gaming console” until it is replaced by the PS5.

The PS4 Pro came out in 2016 along with the PS4 Slim, but the Pro features an upgraded graphics processing unit and a superfast central processing unit clock rate.

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