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Don’t buy exotics

Crocodiles are electroshocked, their necks cut and a metal rod rammed down their spine. #LouisVuittonbags #animalcruelty #inhumaneslaughter #PETAAsia




Exotic skins are a product of extreme suffering.

That’s how the animal rights group PETA Asia describe in a video on a crocodile farm and slaughterhouse in Vietnam the luxury bags and other very expensive leather goods made from reptile skin.

The video posted on its website show the horrific pain suffered by bred reptiles while being cut and skinned by workers and the group wants the inhumane practice stopped.

“Please take a look at what purchases of crocodile-skin bags, belts, or watchbands could be supporting, and then take action to help stop this abuse,” said PETA Asia.

The video shows electroshocked crocodiles being killed by cutting their necks and ramming metal rods down their spines. The workers then leave the animals to bleed out.

“This killing method has long been shown to be inhumane, and experts have found that crocodilians remain conscious for over an hour after their spinal cord has been severed and their blood vessels cut. A reptile expert who watched footage of the crocodiles being slaughtered said that: “the neck incisions would have been very painful and inhumane,” and “There is no probability that these animals ‘died instantly,” according to PETA Asia.

The video also shows crocodiles kept in small, concrete enclosures that are uncleaned, which the group described as also inhumane.

The farm holds tens of thousands of crocodiles in such condition for 15 months before they are slaughtered at the rate of 1,500 heads every three months. The crocodile skin is sold to
Louis Vuitton’s parent company, LVMH, and some of the biggest brands of leather goods, PETA quoted the farm owner as saying.

“Before buying items made out of exotic skins like these, please stop and think of the animals they come from and their intense suffering. Don’t support this cruelty with your purchases,” PETA said.

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