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The founding collective behind the pioneering art show, ALT Philippines 2020, represents 10 visionary and dynamic local galleries. These include Soler Santos, West Gallery; Mawen Ong, Mo Space; Kathleen Villalon, The Drawing Room; Silvana Diaz, Galleria Duemila; Cesar Villalon Jr., The Drawing Room; Evita Sarenas, Finale Art File; Pia Reyes, Vinyl on Vinyl; Gabby de la Merced, Vinyl on Vinyl; Sylvia Gascon, Finale Art File; Tina Fernandez, Artinformal and Jay Amante, Blanc. ALT Philippines 2020 will be held from 14 to 16 February at SMX Aura Premier in Taguig City.

The dawn of 2020 brings a great sense of anticipation for the next decade in Philippine art. An exciting shift in the landscape is upon us, as a collective of 10 galleries has come together to experiment on new ways of presenting and experiencing art, with the purpose of meeting the evolving needs of the industry. Their pioneering project is ALT Philippines 2020, which will be held on 14 to 16 February at the SMX Convention Center at SM Aura Premier, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

The collective is composed of visionary and dynamic local galleries, ranging from the most veteran and experienced along with exciting young vanguards. These include Artinformal, Blanc, Finale Art File, Galleria Duemila, Mo Space, The Drawing Room, Underground, Vinyl on Vinyl, West Gallery and 1335 Mabini, which consider ALT a passion project.

With their combined expertise and experience, they offer a rare opportunity for visitors to view an exceptional and thoughtfully curated selection of work from over 150 established, mid-career and emerging artists in one venue in an immersive and engaging format.

Exhibiting artists include some of the most dynamic in the industry, whose works have shaped the conversation of art in the last decade. Their works are rooted in exceptional research and unexplored directions, championed by galleries willing to take risks as a way to broaden ideas on art.

A unique feature is the collective’s
hands-on approach to producing and designing each aspect of the art show: from the hive-like design of the venue, to dedicated spaces highlighting the galleries’ distinct contemporary visions, to public programing.

Visitors are in for an exciting and engaging experience with each gallery’s thematic presentation.

Artinformal will present the works of their represented artists and several guest artists in a newspaper-format catalogue featuring interviews focusing on the theme “Materials of the Artist.” These interviews are a discussion with each artist on the materials they use and how these materials affect and influence their work.

Blanc Gallery’s exhibition, “Fulfilled Space,” begins its journey with how small, mindful, deliberate movements progress towards a state of contentment. The artworks shift daily, until the shell is stripped to its blank innocence.

The Drawing Room represents artists whose respective practices represent a country in constant frenetic flux and depict the ensemble of realities that make up their own complex situations and environments. It values the depth of a relationship a gallery offers to the artist, and propels them to a critical program of exposure and support of their interdisciplinary practice. Their show for ALT Philippines 2020 aims to reflect the dynamics of this relationship and defined sensibility of each artist.

Finale Art File’s exhibition for the inaugural ALT Art Fair 2020 is an opportunity to review the state of painting through the works of 11 Filipino contemporary artists. Crossing various styles and generations, their work represents the vitality and diversity of Philippine painting.

Galleria Duemila’s exhibition, “Carpe Diem: Beyond Seizing the Day,” brings together 10 diverse artists to challenge and further their process and practice in ways that are not considered to be predictable in any given audience. Angel Velasco Shaw, who curates the exhibit, interprets “carpe diem” in art terms to mean allowing creative time and thought for an artist to go beyond what people outside of themselves may expect of them, experiment in other realms outside of what they are familiar with, or use traditional materials/mediums in a different way from how they are used to working. 1335 Mabini will be exhibiting a dynamic range of works by both established and emerging artists, in accordance with the gallery’s commitment to artistic positions and practices exploring mobility, history and critical engagement with the environment, collective memory and politics. An international gallery solidly grounded in Metro Manila’s contemporary art ecology, its mission is to be a platform for outstanding and innovative art.

Mo Space will be featuring paintings, sculpture and objects by leading innovative contemporary artists and a selection of dynamic upcoming conceptual artists. With the gallery’s shows more artist-centered than market driven, for ALT Philippines 2020, the gallery will highlight the strengths of each artist by asking them to show “the best of the best.”

Underground will feature a solo presentation of the artist Valerie Chua; whose works explore how individuals retain relevant information as they move across different landscapes. Objects of memory are exalted, preserved or led to obsolesce according to how the present perceives its value.

Vinyl on Vinyl showcases artists who explore beyond conventional art forms. Their works revolve around pop surrealism, after-modernism, post-Internet, kinetic art, underground and street art, along with other emerging and unexplored genres. The gallery’s space in ALT Philippines 202 includes several immersive installations alongside works that invite discussion on social commentary and experimental techniques.

West Gallery features a range of veteran talent and promising young artists whose diverse visions reflect the pulse of Philippine contemporary art. For ALT Philippines 2020, the gallery invited artists to freely explore their own practices — part of its aim in encouraging visitors to educate themselves continually on the growing and evolving art scene.

ALT Philippines 2020 is one of the cultural projects of SM Aura Premier.

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