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Five books for hope and inspiration this new year




“GIVE Thanks and Praise” has over 200 prayers written for personal intention and healing.

With every new year comes fresh plans and great hope for a successful journey ahead, and inspirational and spiritual books will surely help carry on this optimism throughout the next 11 months.
Here are five motivational reads that deserve a spot on your nightstand this 2020:

‘Winning for Life’
by Denis Waitley
The American motivational speaker said that his book Winning for Life is here to tell readers that the journey ahead may be difficult but “a beautiful life is not impossible.” He wrote, “When you stop caring about the doubts, when you stop caring about what could possibly go wrong, you give yourself a chance to experience a world where everything can go right.”

‘Here I Am’
by Terry Samala
de Guzman
A business leader, a teacher and a life coach, Terry talks about her uplifting journey in this book, revealing insights that helped her survive her challenging career, marriage, motherhood and health crises towards a life filled with purpose and love. Here I Am will nudge readers to embrace unexpected opportunities, find power in being different and discover strength in faith as 2020 unfolds its many surprises for us.

‘Mid-September Letters’
by Soyen Enconado
Mid-September Letters is a collection of poetry, quotes and anecdotes about love, depression and discovering the real meaning of happiness. It is written by Soyen Enconado who is known for her inspiring poems and quotes on her social media account, @soyenwrites. “Book that plane ticket, start that business, make that call, love again etc. go for it,” she wrote on Twitter last August.

‘Give Thanks and Praise’ by Father
Tito Caluag
The newly launched book has 200 prayers, including traditional Catholic prayers for personal intention, healing, special occasions and blessing accounts and other non-Catholic prayers. It is the perfect accompaniment as we counter new challenges, keep our minds and hearts invigorated and remain grateful for the blessings that come our way. Fr. Tito said, “I am hoping that this will spur a common ground in the family to pray. There’s a little bit of everything and anything for everyone.”

‘My First Prayer Book’ by Scarlet Snow Belo
Hailed as Best Children’s Short Story in the Catholic Mass Media Awards 2019, My First Prayer Book is a read-along guide — filled with stories and prayers — to help parents set off the prayer lives of their kids.

These reads are from ABS-CBN Books, the publishing arm of ABS-CBN, which offers an extensive fiction, nonfiction, movie-based, self-help and motivational reads.

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