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Cordillera crime volume drops anew

Sundy Locus



The Cordillera remains one of the safest provinces in the country as crime rate in the area continues to go down. In its latest peace and order index, the Police Regional Office Cordillera (PRO-COR) recorded a 53.97 percent decline in the crime volume in the region with incidents from October to November 2019 totalling 618 compared to 1,145 in the same period in 2018.

Crime incidents in the area plunged to eight per 100,000 population in 2019. The Cordillera police said Apayao has the lowest crime volume in 2019 with overall index and non-index crimes at 20 while Baguio has the highest incidences at 253.

Of the recorded 618 incidents, eight are for murder, five are for homicide, ten for robbery, nine are for carnapping, 23 are for rape, 17 are vehicular homicides, 31 are physical injury cases and 56 are for theft.

A total of 114 covers vehicular incidents resulting to physical injuries, 113 are vehicular incidents resulting to damage to property, 58 are other non-index crimes and 159 were cases involving special laws.

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