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Calatrava escapade

Pauline Songco



PUYO Island is often called ‘drumstick’ by locals because of its shape.

One can never run out of an island to visit in Calatrava, a municipality located at the northernmost tip of Tablas, Romblon. The province is home to quite a few secluded beaches which are now slowly gaining traction for their white sands and turquoise clear waters.

The islands have also become favorite places for locals to visit for their simple and tranquil atmosphere. These pristine shores, of which Calatrava has more than five as far as this writer can remember, may likely be the country’s next big destinations.


Puyo Island (Guinhawahan Island)
Often called “drumstick” by locals because of its shape, Puyo Island can be found a few minutes away from Romblon’s Blue Hole, a diving site said to be rich in rare marine life and coral formations. An estimated 200 people visit Puyo every day. Visitors should not be surprised because the island has yet to have cottages and its own source of electricity.

Tinagong Dagat
Found in the most pointed limestone rocks of Kabibihan Point. Tinagong Dagat (which translates to hidden salt lake) is just five minutes away from Puyo Island. It was officially declared as Tinagong Dagat wetland in 2018. To help maintain its cleanliness, an entrance fee of P10 per head is implemented which is added to the island’s tourism funds.

Hidden by huge limestone cliffs, Lapus-Lapus Beach is a stunning place where the rocks look similar to solitary islands during high tide. Its white sand makes it a perfect place for special occasions. It can be reached within 30 minutes by boat from the pier.

Cove Aurelio
Located eight to 10 minutes from Tinagong Wet land, Cove Aurelio feels almost home with its chairs and little bungalows upfront. What’s more stunning is that the sunset enveloping the province can visibly be seen at the west side of its shore.

To get to Calatrava, take a plane going to Tablas airport. There are van rentals available that will take you to the Calatrava port.

SUNSET enveloping the island can visibly be seen at the west side of Cove Aurelio.