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Leila’s weak Dick

“If US senators can believe a drug trafficker and a tax cheat, then they’d probably believe anything that their deaf ears will hear, as long as it helps in their local politics.

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Washington DC-based think tank Pew Research Center released the results on its latest survey on global perception and approval on the United States, China and Russia. Quite surprisingly, but at the same time expectedly, the Philippines ranked the highest among all countries that expressed confidence in US President Donald Trump, leader of the Republican party, by a staggering 77 percent. Despite a global dip in the confidence in the embattled POTUS, our countrymen still see him in high regard.

Democrats must be alarmed. The leftist opposition lackeys have been throwing everything including the kitchen sink at President Trump, bringing our country into the crossfire, seeing the silent alliance between their President and our President Rodrigo Duterte. The best metric of the leftist Democrats’ sad efforts should have been a decrease in Filipinos’ confidence in President Trump, which they did not get. Last week, Democrat senators, led by US Sen. Dick Durbin, pushed for the approval of its Senate Resolution 142 that imposes visa and travel restrictions on human rights violators in the Philippines, particularly those involved in extrajudicial killings and those responsible for Sen. Leila De Lima’s detention.

Said resolution describes De Lima, as follows: “considers Sen. De Lima to be a prisoner of conscience, detained solely on account of her political views and the legitimate exercise of her freedom of expression.” What BS is this? Nothing was mentioned at all of her alleged involvement in the drug trade in the biggest state penitentiary in the Philippines, much less her illicit affair with her personal driver who doubled as her bagman.

Last week, old and wrinkly Sen. Durbin spoke before their Senate to move for the approval of this resolution. In his speech, he spoke clearly on script, and he even had to look closely at his documents so he could properly read out the name of Sen. De Lima, exhibiting an obvious lack of knowledge and familiarity on the subject of his motion. He even had the balls to boast the incredible Filipino-American population he had from his home state in Illinois, as people who put up small shops and worked long hours to set the stage for their children to do the same thing, stereotyping us yet again. Thank God, there was no mention of nurses.

In response to the US Senate resolution, our own Sen. Dick Gordon gave the most logical response that if the US Democrats wanted Sen. De Lima freed so badly, then they should hire a good lawyer here in the Philippines to help out in her case, not enact legislation that affects their country only. Gordon clarified that in his knowledge, the Philippine courts are functioning well, and to allow it to proceed faster, then a good lawyer can do the trick.

It’s not hard to blame the Americans, our colonizers for around four decades, during which they wasted no time in inculcating their ways, culture and laws. What came out of it is a nation enamored with everything Western, from basketball, arts and politics. In the same survey of the Pew Research Center, the Philippines is the second highest country that has a favorable opinion of the US at 80 percent, the first being Israel at 83 percent. The study cited that countries that viewed the US favorably also expressed the highest confidence in its President.

However, this is not a license for the US to bully us silly to forget about our country’s sovereignty and independence, guaranteed by our own Constitution. The US Senate is overstepping its jurisdictional boundaries by inserting riders in their appropriations law and passing resolutions that emphasize an utter lack of knowledge on the facts involving Sen. De Lima and (gasp) Maria Ressa — both facing meritorious cases here in the Philippines. If US senators can believe a drug trafficker and a tax cheat, then they’d probably believe anything that their deaf ears will hear, as long as it helps in their local politics.

Much can happen in this debacle given the unpredictable tide of local politics, mixed with other countries’ politics, giving birth to the crazy spectrum of geopolitics. This can turn out to be a battle of the Senators Dick (or the Dick Senators) — it does not sound good either way. But whichever way, Leila has the weaker Dick on her side.