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MANILA — There was a time when the delivery of food by motorcycle was only done by a few fast-food restaurants, with burger and pizza as the most in-demand orders. Then came the ride-hailing apps which expanded two-wheel food delivery service, particularly in Metro Manila and other major cities. Now, anybody can order eats using their smartphone, and the nearest rider in the neighborhood does the errand and promptly brings the order to the customer’s doorstep for a fee.

Aside from food, dry goods purchased online are also delivered via motorcycle. Such delivery is distinguishable by the fixed box behind the rider. The compartment keeps food orders warm or cold and secured.

Safety regulation on motorcycle delivery load is unclear; it is not under the jurisdiction of the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board whose rules apply only to the transport of passengers. Thus, the dimension of delivery compartments vary and the rider can accommodate heavy orders.

Some riders deliver oversized pizza in a box by just tying it on the motorcycle’s rear. Motorbikes used for delivering LPG tanks have improvised metal slots where the containers are fitted in. In case a food order spills on the road when the rider crashes, the latter may just have to replace the order.

For motorcycle taxi drivers, however, not following load limits may result in a fine or suspension of driver’s license by the LTFRB especially if it results in a road crash. Thus, motorcycle taxi drivers are discriminating when it comes to the weight of passengers. They may likely refuse the heavyset which may make it hard for a lightweight rider to maneuver the motorbike.

One motorcycle taxi firm’s rules for passengers are posted on its riders’ bike and it reads that the driver may refuse a heavy backrider. How such rule would be strictly enforced or followed is unsure as riders are wary of committing discrimination or missing customers.

Should they dare take the risk, however, they only need to avoid causing a wheelie and keep both wheels on the ground to avoid catching the traffic enforcer’s attention and getting a ticket.

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