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Quickie annulment




MANILA — Legislators have tried to make the painstaking process of annulment easier. When Bam Aquino was a senator, he filed in 2018 a bill simplifying annulment by requiring courts to recognize unions voided by a church or religious sect.

His colleague, Loren Legarda, also filed a bill in 2016 that makes a couple’s five-year separation a ground for annulment.

The two bills never saw passage.

Some desperate housewives have the option of hiring the service of a lawyer who will do the expensive and lengthy process of annulment for them. That’s what one woman from Lucena City, Quezon did.

She considers herself lucky because she found a lawyer who can do it fast, and for just around P100,000. In September 2019, she got her annulment papers. However, when she verified the papers with the court, she was told that the documents were fake and the fiscal’s signature was doctored. Alas, her quick annulment was short-lived.

The victim helped bust the con man’s swindling activity after reporting him to the police. He was recently arrested in a fast-food restaurant for receiving P150,000 marked money from undercover cops in an entrapment operation. It was the fake lawyer’s third arrest for a similar offense.

While the woman was able to put the bad experience behind her, the foiled annulment bid means she’s still a long way from singlehood.

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