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All-weather elegant furniture




Perfect for both indoors and outdoors, these swinging chairs delight both the young and the old.

RL Crafts and Furniture (RL Allweather) has been producing outdoor furniture for 20 years. Its client establishments through the years have been Grass Residences, Darayonan Lodge, F1 Hotel Manila, Clarkton Hotel in Angeles City, Coco Plantation, Grilla Filipino Cuisine, Grand Xing Imperial Hotel, Vista Veranda, Bayud, Merced’s Place, SeaStal Cemento Beach Resort, among others.

Located in Angeles, Pampanga, it boasts of craftsmen who produce masterpieces by combining the Pampango tradition of artistic excellence and Western modern and contemporary style, giving its clients a wide selection according to their needs.

The durable furniture that the company manufactures has been so designed as to face all kinds of environmental challenges especially in the tropics. No wonder that they are found in lanais, verandas and even gardens, although many of them are also found inside hotels and residences, a testament to their beauty and the expertise with which they were created. All these prove the dexterity of the Filipino craftsmen, especially those who come from Pampanga where elegance and affluences have been a way of life through the centuries.

State-of-the-art furniture brings a different look to regular living spaces.

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