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Consunjis hit for weak tower

Unfortunately, I only have two years. So, I told the Cabinet, do not go into projects which you will not finish during my term.

Francis Wakefield



President Rodrigo Duterte yesterday hit the Consunjis, owners of the DMCI Holdings Inc. a known real-estate developer, for alleged arrogance in dealing with owners of quake-affected condominiums they developed in Davao City.

In his speech during the distribution of assistance to farmers in Cotabato, Mr. Duterte blamed the rich, particularly the Consunjis, for the problems in the country.

“The problem in the Philippines now is the rich, like the Consunji,” Mr. Duterte said, apparently referring to Isidro Consunji, president and chairman of DMCI Holdings Inc.

Mr. Duterte said that of the four condominiums developed by the Consunjis in Davao City, one of them collapsed during the past series of earthquakes that hit the region in October.

“While there are so many buildings in Davao, only theirs (Consuji’s) sustained so much cracks, huge cracks… now he is making it difficult (for the unit owners),” the President.

Parts of condominium Ecoland 4000 owned by the Consunjis collapsed following a 6.5 earthquake that shook Davao City last October.

The President scored Consunji for his arrogance in dealing with condominium unit owners while not facing head-on the controversies now hounding Maynilad.

Audit of all projects set

Consunji, whose DMCI Holdings Inc. also has huge stake with Maynilad, on Thursday warned that the planned renegotiation of the water concession agreement could drive away investors from the country.

“If you are a builder, whether you are a Consunji or not, if I get angry with you, I will not grant you any permit to dig,” warned Mr. Duterte.

“I will order an audit to all your (projects),” he added.

While there are so many buildings in Davao, only theirs (Consuji’s) sustained so much cracks, huge cracks.

DMCI is a known developer of condominiums in various parts of the country. It is also involved in big ticket construction projects of the government.

Agencies were also ordered yesterday to only accept projects which can be completed within the remaining two years of the term of President Rodrigo Duterte.

In an address at the ceremonial distribution of agricultural assistance to the farmers of Region 12 in Pigcawayan, Cotabato yesterday, the President told officials not to enter into projects “which you cannot finish within two years time.”

The President noted that as Davao City mayor, his actions were calculated and that he made sure that things were finished when he completes his term.

Projects which are built beyond the term of a current President usually falls into a problem with the new administration mostly on priority in the spending of government funds.

“Unfortunately, I only have two years. So, I told the Cabinet, do not go into projects which you will not finish during my term,” the President indicated.

Shun corruption

He maintained his warning against corruption in government. “In government, if your weakness is money, it is the people who suffer,” Mr. Duterte noted.

“The government has money, you can see the appropriation for the year reached P 4.1 trillion. I have been doing nothing but to audit performances and determine where these huge public money goes,” he added.

Mr. Duterte warned officials anew against engaging in corruption, as he cited the latest whom he fired as an official from state-owned Philippine National Oil Corp (PNOC).

On 17, October the President admitted that he had fired PNOC-Exploration Corporation (PNOC-EC) president and chief executive officer, Pedro Aquino Jr., for entering into unauthorized and “idiotic” deal with Russian oil giant Rosneft Oil Company.

Raw deal

The PNOC-EC, under Aquino’s supervision, forged an agreement on multilateral cooperation in oil and gas resources with Rosneft and Hong Kong-based firm Pionaire Finance Limited in June 2017.

Mr. Duterte said in his latest statement that he would be “more confident” in appointing a military man at the PNOC.

He also took note of the military’s integrity and swift actions that can help boost his administration’s policies and programs.

“I am more confident because the military is not involved in corruption,” the President said.

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