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It’s a Kurz job

Agence France-Presse



VIENNA, Austria (AFP) — Austrian television’s web replay of Chancellor Sebastian Kurz’s swearing-in ceremony went viral Wednesday after it mistakenly aired with soap opera subtitles suggesting he was offering the president a job as a housemaid.

Kurz was sworn in Tuesday as the world’s youngest democratically elected leader at the head of an unlikely coalition with the Greens following the collapse of his Conservatives’ previous alliance with the far right.

The subtitles appeared on the ORF public television website in a rerun of the ceremony led by President Alexander Van der Bellen, lending a surreal air to the event in the luxurious Hofburg Palace in Vienna.

Excerpts of the broadcast, which carried text from the German soap opera “Alisa, follow your heart” that had run just before, went viral with the amusing words.

Under footage of Kurz with the president, the caption had a quote inquiring if he was “interested in a job as a housemaid.”

When the new minister of defense shook the head of state’s hand, the subtitle said: “Thanks, Dad.”

With a frame of all the members of the new government assembled, the subtitle ran: “It’s wonderful to have all the children under the same roof.”

In an apparent commentary over a frame in which Kurz appeared in a corner with Van der Bellen, the words appeared: “Not him again.”

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