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Muffler stopper

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MANILA — Mufflers are supposed to lessen the noise made by a car or motorcycle’s exhaust system. For some riders, however, the opposite happens as their modified  or defective mufflers produce annoying noise. They deliberately ride their “loud” motorcycles in the neighborhood when people are sleeping at night.

Residents of Passi City, Iloilo are fighting back against such noisy riders with the help of Mayor Stephen Palmares who launched a campaign to seize noise-making motorcycle mufflers in November 2019. Personnel of the Traffic Management Office and Passi City Police are enforcing the campaign.

“I have received complaints from residents and visitors from other municipalities that there are motorcycle drivers who are using these noisy mufflers,” Palmares said, according to PNA.

Last Thursday, the mayor made sure that some 75 open-pipe motorcycle mufflers causing noise that have been seized will no longer disturb the peace.

A vibro roller crushed the mufflers spread on the pavement.

Palmares said they will continue confiscating “noisy” mufflers from stubborn riders. Those noise pollution makers will not be fined, but the mayor said it will be costly for them as each muffler costs around P1,500.

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