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Shack Megamall exclusives

The fine casual approach made the cart a success for three years until it became the now iconic permanent Shack in 2004.




Concretes are dense, rich and creamy frozen custard blended with mix-ins, spun fresh daily.

Get ready, Shack fans! After debuting Shake Shack’s flagship Manila restaurant at Bonifacio High Street in May, the fine casual New York burger stand has found another home for its fans at the Mega Fashion Hall in SM Megamall in Ortigas.

Joined by its signature favorites: burgers, hotdogs, fries, frozen custard ice cream, Shake Shack mixed in the authentic Filipino taste with their Manila-exclusives menu. From calamansi, to the famous halo-halo, The Shack is now another home for the Filipino cuisine, but with a twist.

Its menu features two exclusives to SM Megamall. First, the Mega Mangga! is an ode to the national fruit and features vanilla custard blended with fresh mango and graham, topped with freeze-dried mango. For a sweet and salty flavor, Shack fans can try the Coconut Pie Oh My which is vanilla custard blended with Wildflour’s coconut pie and toasted coconut, and five percent of sales from this concrete benefit Children’s Hour organization providing welfare and development for Filipino children in need.

SHACK ‘till you drop!

This is different from the exclusive menu The Shack had for its branch in BGC. Since May 2019, the flavors of Uuuube-by baby, a ube halo-halo inspired snack featuring coconut marshmallow, ube cookies, toasted coconut and crispy pinipig and the Calamansi Pie Oh My, same with Coconut Pie Oh My but with Wildflour’s calamansi pie, were the first ones to add to the world-class burger joint menu in the Philippines.

The BGC Shack also featured the acclaimed Auro Chocolates in its Shack Attack, chocolate custard mixed in with Bucky’s original brownies and Auro Chocolate chunks, Shack fudge sauce and chocolate sprinkles.

Local artist Kris Abrigo reimagined the textures and colors of the Ortigas skyline for a mural on the back of the Shack facing Edsa. His design has also been adapted into exclusive swag including socks and a t-shirt available at the Shack.

The Shack at the Megamall is designed as a distinct community gathering place.

Shake Shack began as a philanthropic hot dog cart supporting the Madison Square Park Conservancy’s first art installation in 2001. Danny Meyer, the famed Union Square Hospitality Group restaurateur, put the same careful consideration and “enlightened hospitality” toward the premium ingredients and thoughtful service at the simple hot dog cart as he did to his celebrated fine dining restaurants, pioneering a new “fine casual” category.

MANILA exclusives’ Mega Mangga!

The fine casual approach made the cart a success for three years until it became the now iconic permanent Shack in 2004. Originally designed as a freestanding kiosk that fuses the natural surrounds of the park with the iconic Flatiron building and cast-iron architecture, Meyer first sketched the ideas and menu for the kiosk in the park on the back of a napkin, and focused on modern day “roadside” burger classics that are the core items today: burgers, hot dogs, frozen custard, shakes and crinkle-cut fries.

Fifteen years later, Meyer’s vision of a communal venture is recreated as Shake Shack opens its first indoor replica of the MSP Shack in SM Megamall. Showing off elements reminiscent of the original Shack such as the exposed roof rafters, green roof, the sleek white ATAS and the suspended string lights, it lends a warm and open vibe to the mall where shoppers and diners alike are invited to gather.

Specialty Food Retailers Inc. is the exclusive franchise holder of Shake Shack in the Philippines. It is a member of the SSI Group.  To be updated on the latest news about Shake Shack, follow @shakeshackph and @ssilifeph on Instagram and Facebook.