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Dinah S. Ventura



The round of celebrations come Christmastime is something we, fun-loving Filipinos, look forward to. It is reunion season, when families, friends and relatives celebrate the joys of togetherness.

Yet even as the world shrinks with all the innovations in technology, the spaces between people have somehow seemed to widen – families move around more, parents leave to work faraway and children grow up.

The holiday season gives us reason to shed these distances and come together for a reason: to celebrate peace, love and joy. What better way to do it than with staycations?

The animal kingdom courtesy of one uber-popular fairytale offers us, mere humans, an important clue to living well: Hakuna-matata.

The Swahili phrase simply means “no trouble” or “no problem.” It is, as well, what we all want to have – even if, more often than not, life succeeds in giving us the opposite.

So, for this issue, we thought it fitting to bring this philosophy right in the thick of the most stressful, crazy-busy times of the year.

Do we think this is possible?

Well, yes. If you thought our so-called mall culture was all about pure commercialism, think again. This propensity to escape the heat and pollution has bred a whole new lifestyle that has served as a guiding force for exactly those proponents of commerce and property giants.

This Christmas season, we not only give a nod to the way developments in the last decade have helped shape the way we live, but also how technology has enabled people to bridge distances.

Because of these developments, it is now possible to have what used to be impossible: hassle-free holidays where families can save and spend more time with each other and where connections – virtual or not – can remain unbroken.

This season, nurture yourself and your relationships well, in any way you can.

Have a very Merry Christmas, everyone!

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