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We are 100 percent fiber company and our focus is really enterprises and offering them data and internet services.




With today’s technological advancements, businesses that are not utilizing high-speed internet are letting opportunities to pass right by them. A high-speed data connection is important for companies to efficiently function.

For instance, in the Philippines, financial inclusivity is sometimes as elusive as having a reliable internet connection. As such, businesses that want to champion financial inclusion also need to revamp their internet services. But luckily, a Meralco subsidiary is now ready to provide parts of the Philippines with good internet services.

In every history of business, telecom companies played a crucial role because everyone needs to be connected. But in the Philippines, the internet was more costly compared to its neighboring countries.

Thus, the idea of establishing Radius Telecom came around.

Data and internet services firm Radius Telecom, a full subsidiary of Meralco Utility Company, has been operating since early 2000 on the franchise area of Meralco in Metro Manila, Batangas, Laguna and some part of Bulacan.

“We are 100 percent fiber company and our focus is really enterprises and offering them data and internet services,” Radius Telecom Exequiel Delgado told the Daily Tribune.

“Currently, you are no longer selling your services within the Philippine area only. Instead, you are selling your services all over the world and the internet speed is very critical,” Delgado said.

According to Delgado, Radius aims to provide a fast internet connection that allows businesses to market their products globally.

“Fast connections will result in better business activities,” he noted.

Aside from data and internet services, Radius also focuses on allowing companies to easily access their cloud storage.

“You know that there are a lot of cloud providers like PWS, Azure, 365, Google cloud services, and a lot of companies in the Philippines are trying to access these cloud providers to put in their data,” Delgado said.

“Part of the focus of Radius is to allow these companies to access this cloud services in a fast, secure, and a better way. So, that’s where…the main focus of the Radius,” he added

Improving customer experience

Currently, there are several telecommunications firms vying to provide the best internet services to local businesses.

“Radius is here to improve customer experience. That’s why competition is important. We are here to make sure the rest of our competitors will always be on their feet at the end of the day so that the benefits will go to the customer,” Delgado said.

Delgado said the Philippines is currently experiencing fierce competition in terms of providing internet services.

“I think we are one of the countries where power is not shared. This may be the reason why the government is trying to embark on a common power policy to minimize further investments,” he noted.

Even though they will be competing against sister firms PLDT and Smart Communications Inc., Delgado assured that there is no conflict in the line of their services.

“There is no conflict because the mandate given to us is to find ways to work with them because telecom is a very important component to our businesses in operating these days we don’t rely on one carrier, we rely on multiple carriers,” he explained.

“The vision of our chairman is to be able to go in the market with PLDT and Radius backing each other up,” he added.

Expansion plan

Radius recently finished its expansion in Clark, Pampanga, which has improved the coverage of TV5 in the area.

By 2020, Radius hopes to operate in Cebu, Davao, and Iloilo.

“Just little by little…baby steps before we. You know, we were looking at areas wherein businesses are flourishing. Because that’s where I think Radius has a competitive advantage because we are focused on what we want to achieve and we are focused on what we want to sell,” Delgado said.

Moreover, Radius is also looking at tapping the retail market through its partnership with Cignal TV.

“Right now, Cignal’s been offered through satellite dishes. What we intend to do is focus on condominiums and wire up these condominiums with fiber optic and then allow Signal to offer IPTV and internet services,” Delgado said.

In essence, the budding telco firm is going to bundle internet services and cable connection.

Moving forward, Radius is poised to be one of the industry’s big-ticket players backed by its thrust to uplift local businesses and consumers.

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