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Faster internet connection soon

To boost its expansion, Radius is looking to acquire new international carrier partners, particularly in major commercial business districts.

Komfie Manalo



Radius Telecoms, a wholly-owned subsidiary of power distributor Manila Electric Company (Meralco), is expanding its presence in central Luzon and the Visayas, as well as emerging growth centers in the country to provide fast and reliable internet services that would eventually contribute to national growth.

In an interview over the Daily Tribune’s Straight Talk roundtable discussion, Radius president Exequiel Delgado said the expansion plan is aligned with the company’s efforts to refocus its plans to target both the domestic and foreign businesses.

“Part of my mandate when I took over as president of Radius six months ago was a directive from Meralco’s new president (Ray C. Espinosa) is to take on new challenges and not sit on our laurels by accepting and going out of our comfort zone,” Delgado stated.

He continued, “So I have to be comfortable being uncomfortable by taking on a new direction of Radius.”

Delgado was referring to the company’s shift in strategy and offering their services to enterprises more, especially those not in traditional Meralco franchise areas. In the past, Radius has offered its products, including data, internet, managed services, and cloud services to clients within areas served by Meralco.

It has collaborated with local and international carriers, service providers and top corporations by providing them an end-to-end fiber optic platform, data communications, business applications over a robust, reliable and secure network.

But with its present direction, the company will now offer those services to enterprises and soon retail consumers, in central Luzon and central Visayas where there is potential for growth. Radius is scheduled to start operations in Clark, Pampanga, early next year and Cebu within the first quarter of 2020.

“We are also looking at growth areas in Iloilo and other parts of the Visayas where we anticipate opportunities,” Delgado added.

To boost its expansion, Radius is looking to acquire new international carrier partners, particularly in major commercial business districts.

When asked why they see central Visayas as the next wave for development, Delgado said the new administration has opened the potentials of that region that is often neglected by previous governments.

“The new administration has a new pair of eyes and must have looked at that part of the Philippines from a different angle. Now we are seeing growth areas in that region and we want to play a part in its development,” Delgado added.

Recently, Radius partnered with NetFoundry, USA to introduce a new and cost-effective way of reaching the cloud through Radius Cloud Express (RCE).

Radius is the only telecommunications carrier in the Philippines that delivers end-to-end fiber optic services to enterprises and corporations, enabling service providers and companies to transmit digital information and business applications over highly reliable, secure, and cost-effective communication superhighway. While Radius’ robust and fully redundant network runs on 100 percent fiber, Radius Cloud Express offers a solution to use any available internet connectivity to extend your network wherever. With RCE, applications can be bridged to the cloud, whether its public (AWS, Azure, Google) or private anywhere in the world.

The Radius/NetFoundry co-branded connectivity and app solution (Radius Cloud Express) requires no hardware or physical networks, making it stand out from traditional approaches.

Organizations can spin up Zero Trust, application-specific networks “in minutes,” even in a multi-application environment, that integrates seamlessly with leading DevOps tools while simultaneously providing reliable cloud connectivity.

NetFoundry VP and MD of Asia-Pacific Dipesh Ranjan said, “Radius Telecoms has decided to differentiate itself from a traditional telco and has built its services around applications in the modern and multi-cloud world, where data must be reliable, secure and delivered anywhere, anytime without depending on traditional methods and networks.”

NetFoundry (NaaS) built a global software platform which enables customers to simply and powerfully orchestrate network resources, without building and managing the underlying compute (which NetFoundry provides in a consumption-based, as-a-service model). The resulting solution allows customers to spin up a global, secure, private, cloud-orchestrated network in minutes and embed or integrate the networking with their applications or services.

Delgado commented, “The partnership with NetFoundry allows Radius and its customers the availability of fast, secure and efficient access to cloud-based connectivity services which can vastly improve and facilitate the way communications is conducted with business partners.”

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