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Our congressmen

After Pantaleon Alvarez as House Speaker, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and Alan Peter Cayetano have been lukewarm to Federalism.



What bestiality had encompassed the minds of our congressmen to think that apart from what they do with the laws, they can force themselves to linger in their places by shutting the door on us, and tinker with the Charter that limits the power that they continue to abuse?

That, last week was the scene at the dance hall, that upscale place at the Batasan — full of colorful lights but desolate outside — where lawmakers intoxicated with power attempted to drink more from their golden palms, and behind our backs.

They are an abomination to the Filipino spirit of service, that of the bayanihan where each body serves in anticipation of nothing but community fulfillment, even expressing gratitude to having served.

Politicians are different animals. They lack the empathy of human beings. They are the same around the world. It is not just the Filipino politician who is greedy, abusive and lustful of power and all the excesses that come with it.

In fact, the Filipino politician is way above them. He could be friendly and fierce and evil at the same time. Satan should be wary about his presence when the time comes.

For Satan would not know what evil he has not seen yet would happen when they are together. Last week, we did not know that our representatives — yes, we call them that — would turn their backs on us in pursuit of their naked carnality for perpetuating themselves in power.

In a manner too discreet, the House Committee on Constitutional Amendments approved a resolution on Thursday extending the terms of House members from three to five years.

To sweeten the deal, congressmen also want to do the same with the officials of local government units who would act as their accomplices when time comes for the approval of their constituents.

A mask this proposal to ease restrictions on foreign investments also serves.

That it happened behind closed doors speaks about the House members’ brazenness and shamelessness. That it will be tackled in the plenary this week speaks about their disregard of the people’s voice.

That Charter received an overwhelming approval in 1987. All attempts to change it have been met with rebuke, their champions receiving the people’s scorn.

The only time — it seems — that the people have expressed themselves ready for change was when then Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte brandished his desire to make the government system Federal.

That is why he won convincingly. He had vowed to junk the unitary presidential system, which we have tried since copying from the Americans all things about America, except the decency of its politics until Donald Trump came along.

But even Mr. Duterte found it hard dealing with the Batasan underworld. Only the few most decent understood what Mr. Duterte meant. The rest were only up for themselves.

Mr. Duterte admitted his failure to push Federalism in front of this syndicate.

After Pantaleon Alvarez as House Speaker, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and Alan Peter Cayetano have been lukewarm to Federalism.

Cayetano’s House members give out sweets among themselves, however. They support only those that benefit them.

Five years and unlimited chances at reelection have tickled our congressmen neon pink. Their greed is visible from all sides.