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Smell, feel X’mas



Many are wondering about the Filipinos’ obsession with crisp new peso bills during the holiday season, particularly as gifts to children on Christmas Day.

Christmas in the Philippines is the season of “something new” — from clothes and shoes to money.

During the holiday season, giving new and crisp paper money, regardless of color and value, has become customary for Filipinos.

Just like the much-loved lechon that is a centerpiece of noche buena and media noche feasts among affluent families, the Filipinos’ fascination for brand new notes is ingrained in tradition supported by the practice of banks to issue new denominations during the holidays.

Businesswoman Charlene Manuel, from San Carlos, Pangasinan, said the giving of crisp bills, especially those with a high value, is part of the culture.

“It’s a Filipino tradition, to show your regard to the person receiving the gift,” she said.

Her views were shared by Kaye Imson Pangilinan, a mother living in Navotas, who said that it is more exciting for some to receive new money as gift during the holidays.

“During Christmas, it’s more exciting to receive crisp new bills as gifts. Just by smelling it, someone becomes happy. I think both old and young are happy when they receive these,” she added.

For Joel Locsin, a resident of Binondo, Manila, new bills equate with the coming New Year, which is just six days away from Christmas, hence the fixation of Filipinos to give new money as gifts.

For Tiea Maryze Villanueva, an overseas Filipino worker currently in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the giving of crisp new money can be likened to a good luck charm to greet the coming New Year.

The same holds true for marketing executive Trisha Alcantara, a resident of Mangatarem, Pangasinan, adding that new bills give a good and positive vibe for the coming New Year.
“New Year, new money, and new life,” she added.

For Tiffani Nepomuceno of Caloocan City, the Filipino fixation for new money during the holidays can be attributed to the tradition of having new things for the holidays.

“New clothes, new furniture, and new money: that’s the traditional way of greeting the Christmas Season,” she added.

As for Jeca Marie Alejo-Curammeng, a housewife from Barangay Muzon, Malabon, giving new money equates to sharing happiness and blessings to old and young people alike.

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