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Duterte honors hero cop in Misamis grenade blast



President Rodrigo Duterte pays respects to the late Police Senior Master Sergeant Jason Magno, who was killed in a grenade blast in Misamis Oriental last month. (PCOO)

INITAO, Misamis Oriental—President Rodrigo Duterte posthumously conferred the Order of Lapu Lapu on a policeman killed by a grenade blast here on 28 November.

The President awarded the Order of Lapu-Lapu, Rank of Kalasag on Thursday to Police Master Sgt. Jason Magno who died when he stopped a man armed with a hand grenade inside a campus in Initao.

At the same time, the President extended his condolences to the family of the slain policeman, who also received the Medal of Valor.

Also receiving the Order of Lapu Lapu, Rank of Kampilan from the President was Master Sergeant Alice Balido, who was injured in the same incident.

The Philippine National Police Medal of Valor is the highest PNP award recognizing police personnel who performed “a deed of personal bravery or self-sacrifice above and beyond the call of duty so conspicuously as to distinguish him above his comrades.”

The Order of Lapu Lapu, Rank of Kalasag, is given to officials and personnel of the government and private individuals who lost their lives as a direct result of their participation in an activity pursuant to a campaign or advocacy of the President.

The Order of Lapu Lapu, Kampilan Medal, on the other hand, is bestowed upon individuals who were seriously wounded or suffered great loss of property as a result of their participation in activity pursuant to a campaign or advocacy of the President.

According to reports, lawmen received information about a man carrying a grenade around Initao College.

When Magno attempted to make an arrest, the suspect lobbed the grenade inside the campus. Magno used his body to shield others from the explosion, killing him as a result. The suspect was shot and killed by the police.

Aside from Balido, 16 other individuals were injured. (PND)