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Did you know that a person can develop dementia because of excessive alcohol drinking?

Alcohol-related dementia, as the name suggests, is a form of dementia caused by unrestrained alcohol intake. It could affect anyone with such lifestyle, men or women who belong in any age bracket.

For the short course, it could be interpreted as a short-term memory loss, says Dr. Veeda Anlacan, dementia specialist of ManilaMed Center. But if not taken moderately or should one continue execessive drinking, she explained that “it is unlikely they will develop dementia in the future.”

According to, “Problems may be reduced or reversed if the person abstains from alcohol, improves their diet and replaces vitamins especially with thiamine and vitamin B1. Thiamine is important to limit some of the toxic effects of alcohol and is an important supplement for heavy drinkers.”

studies show that excessive alcohol drinking can cause dementia.

People suffering from dementia along with patients dealing with neurological diseases such as stroke and Parkinson’s disease can avail of healthcare services at ManilaMed’s Brain Health Center, a facility equipped with professionals that can help patients obtain understanding of their brain’s current status.

“Some of the latest technology that we have are equipment for electroencephalogram (EEG) and video EEG to track brain activity. Neurologists and other brain health experts also provide advice and monitoring. By doing so, patients can learn to manage their conditions and live their best at any stage of life. It is all part of ManilaMed’s promise: Only our best to make you feel better,” Dr. Philip Ramiro, head of ManilaMed Brain Health Center, said.

Apart from consulting the center, lifestyle changes are also advised for the patients. Some of these practices include regular exercise, low cholesterol choices, vegetable fruit-rich diet and proper stress management.

“You will have to try and find something interesting to do to keep your brain and body physically active,” Anlacan concluded.

Contact ManilaMed’s Brain Health Center at 5238131-65 to book an appointment today.