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Irresponsible blabbermouths

Unrepentant and defiant, Ressa has been making the rounds of the American talk show and interview circuit spewing pretty much the same anti-Duterte vitriol she’s been discharging.

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It is among the issues that eventually led to her firing. It now seems that she’s been unworthy of trust from Day One and it is indeed unfortunate that she’s back at her party-assigned calling as a Pomeranian attack dog.

Constantly hogging the media, seeking attention and obviously basking in the limelight, Leonor Robredo, perhaps the most expensive and useless factotum in the Executive bureaucracy with no official function save to wait for what may never come to pass, shares a lot with others similarly loquacious like Antonio Trillanes IV, Maria Ressa and, to a lesser extent, Maria Lourdes Sereno.

Ever the Mistress of Intrigue and speaking like one, it is not far-fetched that she might have purposely trashed the President’s good intentions by first accepting an appointment and upon acceptance proceeded to openly prove the President’s judgement as flawed in an attempt to shame him. If true, such double-crossing is not new.

All four at some point had been accused of various forms of impropriety or outright criminality by both private citizens and the government.

In retaliation to legal charges brought against them, each had manipulated their respective positions and transformed their charge into weapons to vilify, shame, even ridicule by turning inanimate podiums they symbolically stood behind into pontificating pulpits.

Their targets were misinformed audiences here and abroad. The recent acts and proposed congressional resolutions by misinformed foreign lawmakers who’ve been part of the audience of these hellbent on disparaging our government are the result of their blabbering. Never mind that the resulting resolutions violate our sovereignty and effectively blackmail us into seriously tanking our own justice system.

In retrospect, it was Robredo, ab initio, who had kick-started these offensives and eventually rounded them out with her constant and irresponsible blabbering. Now she threatens to blabber even more.

Despite being the second highest official in the bureaucracy, Robredo decided to draw first blood by lending her presence to street protests and demonstrations as if she was not then practically seated with the President and empowered with direct access to every agency beneath her penultimate position.

She then followed this up with a video message replete with falsehoods, inaccuracies, and unverifiable drivel drawn from dubious sources whose insidious objectives were not only the downfall of a duly elected president but the ascension of Robredo herself.

Recently, after being invited to rejoin the administration as a productive cog in its anti-illegal drugs advocacy, Robredo again fired her mouth off to sarcastically challenge her colleagues as well as her superiors, effectively taunting them with her signature brand of derision and intrigue.

Now ousted a second time, Robredo has not let off on her blabbering and has now even used it to threaten the same colleagues who offered her their cooperation.

As Robredo has been repeatedly firing off her mouth with verbal salvos targeting the administration, Trillanes, a putschist and mutineer, Ressa, an accused corporate fraudster and tax evader, and Sereno, an ousted justice stripped of her title due to integrity issues, were discharging their own lethal verbal ordnance.

Barely weeks from her ouster and still then awaiting the results of a motion for reconsideration with the Supreme Court, Sereno walked into a stage set by various opposition groups and from there delivered a keynote address before a coalition of anti-government forces seeking the downfall of Duterte.

Meanwhile Trillanes stands accused of libel by the presidential son. Once blabbering defiantly while in the Senate, his microphones were taken away together with his immunity.

Ressa, following accusations of libel filed by a private citizen, is out on bail. Her defense relies not so much on the truth but on a mere technicality where the libelous statement in question originally appeared in public prior to the cyber libel laws. Never mind that the damning lies were repeatedly published long after the passage of cyber libel laws and are thus indictable as they fall within the law’s parameters.

Unrepentant and defiant, Ressa has been making the rounds of the American talk show and interview circuit spewing pretty much the same anti-Duterte vitriol she’s been discharging.
Now fired and relegated back to the doghouse, Robredo will again be joining these howling choruses.

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