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Fashion for cold weather destinations

Raye Sanchez



THE stylist to the stars shares her fashion formulas for cold weather destinations.

The cool breeze signifies that the happiest time of the year really is upon us. That cold and crisp air we experience everyday as we go to school or work, not to mention the planned holiday trips, signals that it’s the perfect time to take out the cold weather outfits everyone has in the deep crevices of their wardrobes.

But if you feel like you’re a little outdated on your winter fashion wear, fear not because everyone’s go-to store for all things fashion, including clothes for the cold, has provided not just stylish but also functional and practical clothing pieces for everyone.

For upholding its LifeWear brand, Uniqlo has come out with different sets of cold weather garments for those planning on going to cold weather destinations as well as for people who will be staying in the country.

Fashion formulas from the pro

Uniqlo also brought in former fashion editor and stylist to the stars Pam Quiñones to give the crowd tips and tricks when packing for a trip to a cold place while keeping things fashionable. She shared her top three favorite cold weather destinations and fashion formulas for people who will be visiting those destinations or other destinations with similar weather conditions.

First on her list is Iceland which is famous for its icebergs and the northern lights. There, she recalled how she overpacked and even bought clothes like a fur jacket but was unable to use it because it wasn’t enough to protect her from the cold.

Pam Quiñones offers tips for cool-season styles.


LATEST in holiday wear.

Her fashion formula for negative to single-digit degree weather conditions is: Heattech Ultra Warm Turtleneck + Leggings Pants + Fleece Turtleneck Long Sleeves + Heattech Socks + Hybrid Down Parka.

Next is Japan where it was spring during her visit. The country famous for how almost everything is technology-driven but still keeps its culture and scenic places intact is also where most Filipinos are starting to go to.

For places where it isn’t as freezing as the previously mentioned temperatures of 15 to 23-degrees, her fashion formula is: Heattech Scoop Neck Shirt + Corduroy Flare Pants + Double Faced Hooded Coat.

Georgia, USA, is her third favorite cold weather destination because it is her husband’s birthplace. Savannah specifically is a culture-and-arts-centric place. She shared that the place is slightly colder than Japan.

Her fashion formula for two- to 13-degree temperature places is: Heattech Extra Warm Turtleneck Shirt + Heattech Extra Warm Leggings + Double Faced Hooded Coat + Ultra Light Down Cocoon Jacket.

Perfect for cold weather

The Uniqlo 2019 Fall/Winter collection carries almost everything that Pam mentioned in her fashion formulas like the Women’s Double-Faced Hooded Coat (P3,990), Ultra Light Down Cocoon Jacket (P3,990) and the Women’s Heattech Extra Warm Leggings (P990).

Nevertheless, the Fall/Winter collection also includes equally stylish and comfortable clothing perfect for the cold weather. There are five lineups in this collection: Ultra Light Down lineup, Fleece lineup, Heattech lineup, Coat lineup and Flannel lineup.

The Ultra Light Down lineup includes the Ultra Light Down Jacket available for men and women (P3,490), Ultra Light Down Puffer Jacket available for men and women (P4,490) and the Women’s Ultra Light Down Cocoon Jacket. The said lineup offers lightness, warmth and the trendy voluminous silhouettes making it a functional yet chic essential for the season. Compacts and the newest silhouettes cocoon and puffer are also included.

Meanwhile, Uniqlo fans can take their favorite blanket with them in jacket form with the Fleece lineup consisting of the Fleece Long Sleeve Full Zip Jacket available for men and women (P1,290) and the Fluffy Yarn Fleece Full-Zip Jacket available for men and women (P1,290). Other than jackets, there are also coats, cardigans, shirts and pullovers available in this lineup.

The famous Heattech lineup ranges from tops, tights, leggings, shorts and socks highlighting the Women’s Heattech Jersey Scoop Neck Short Sleeve T-shirt (P590), Heattech Ultra Warm Crew Neck Long Sleeve T-Shirt (P1,290) and the Women’s Heattech Extra Warm Leggings.

Of course, coats will always be staples in cold-weather fashion. Uniqlo’s coat lineup also includes different types of fabrics like knitted, wool, chester, trench, cotton and fleece, in different lengths and colors. It highlights the Women’s Double Face Hooded Coat and the Women’s Melange Wool Hooded Knitted Coat (P1,990).

Finally, to exude a somewhat formal look while still being cold weather-ready, the 2019 Fall/Winter collection includes a flannel lineup for a timeless, elegant look. This includes the U Heavy Flannel Oversized Long Sleeve Shirt (P1,290), Flannel Long Sleeve Shirt (P1,490) available for men and women and the Women’s Flannel Check Skipper Collar Long Sleeve Shirt (P1,290).

Visit Uniqlo stores for your cold weather fashion finds. Follow them on their social media accounts on Facebook, @UNIQLOPH on Twitter and @uniqlophofficial on Instagram. Visit their official website or download the Uniqlo app on Google Play or the Apple Store.

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