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2019 Araw Values Awards slated



The Advertising Foundation of the Philippines received over 400 entries for the upcoming 2019 ARAW Values Advertising Awards that the organization is holding with key media partner ABS-CBN and its subsidiary, The Filipino Channel (TFC).

The biennial awards aims to recognize advertising campaigns that uphold Filipino values based on the Ad Foundation’s ARAW cornerstone values of love of God; commitment to truth, honesty, and integrity; love of country and respect for national customs and traditions; reverence for family unit or marriage or responsible parenthood; respect and care for human life, dignity and the rights of all; respect for law and authority and the promotion of self- discipline; and concern for and preservation of the environment.

In pursuit of this goal, 419 campaigns have entered the running, including 49 entries that have qualified for the ARAW Values Technical Awards recognizing technical excellence in the field of advertising. The ARAW Values Technical Awards program is being held for the first time by Ad Foundation.

To keep with the high standards that the ARAW Values Awards program has set over the years, the Ad Foundation in partnership with ABS-CBN have also announced a change in the program’s schedule.

The Awards Night is set on 31 January 2020, with a nationwide telecast special to be aired by the network in mid-February, and with “global feeds” thereafter through the TFC in seven territories worldwide.

The 11th ARAW Values Advertising Awards’ online judging for its Finalists-Metals Round was held from 15 to 29 November 2019, with 70 confirmed judges participating, comprising the seven Jury Panels, each with distinct judging assignments.

Meantime, preliminary judging for the 2019 ARAW Values Technical Awards was held from 18 to 29 November with two panels each, comprised of select, eminent personalities with multi-discipline technical expertise from the multi-sector advertising industry’s production service and allied industries as well such as that of the movie, film-making, printing and photography industries.

“The revised schedules will be advantageous to the competition, especially on the quality of judging,” said Ma. Belen (Blen) Fernando, ARAW Values Awards Overall Organizing chairman and board member of the Advertising Foundation of the Philippines.