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Environmental awareness has been increasing over the years, fueling passionate businesses to create a positive impact on our world—one eco-friendly product at a time. These innovative brands have managed to go beyond the conventional paperless and plastic-free lifestyle by offering safe and effective products in the beauty, skincare, fashion and home industries.

Curious where you can shop these products? Here are some amazing eco-friendly stores you can check out today.

Zero Basics

If you want to go the zero-waste route, Zero Basics is perfect to get you started. This independent vegan brand that’s based in Paranaque offers sustainable products ranging from beauty to personal care.

All of its items are cruelty-free, organic and affordable to customers. The best part? The containers are recyclable and it sells refills at a discounted price.

Currently, the items of Zero Basics are available on BeautyMNL, The Vegan Grocer, Greenery Kitchen and Market. It also regularly has a kiosk at Good Food Sundays in Mandela Park, Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong for refills.


Messy Bessy

Messy Bessy’s vibrant and vintage packaging is familiar to most by now as it started to appear on shelves way back in 2007. It offers biodegradable and non-toxic products at affordable price points, but the brand has also founded a great cause to go with its mission of supplying eco-friendly items. A portion of its product’s sales sponsors the education, employment, and rehabilitation of at-risk youths. So remember this little tidbit every time you purchase a product!

Messy Bessy also offers products for males and younger individuals called Messy Man and Messy Baby. Shop its products online or catch them at stalls in select Ayala Malls and SM Store branches.

Chill’s Cloth Pads

In the Philippines, it’s common for women to use disposable menstrual pads, which lead to a lot of waste. This is why Chill’s Cloth Pads decided to change the scene and produce reusable and customizable cloth pads. Arguably, these are less intimidating alternative to menstrual cups though they do almost have the same environmental impact.

Chill’s Cloth Pads come in various sizes and bundles available on their Facebook page, ranging from P129 to P298 per piece. Discounts are available for sets of four or more.


Go Zero
Getting a reusable straw is probably the most natural first step in reducing your contribution to plastic waste. Go Zero offers three different sizes for all your drink needs, giving you the option to choose from straight, bent or milk tea straws. Each one comes with a brush cleaner and you also have the choice to purchase a tikog pouch if you don’t already have a case.

Prices start at an affordable P50. You can order a set today via their Facebook or Instagram pages.

With the many eco-friendly products available today, it isn’t much of a challenge to transition to a more eco-conscious lifestyle. Give these brands a try and be part of making a real difference!