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How to look expensive on a budget




Can being “fashionable” hurt your pocket? Is it hard? Pricey?

You love fashion. But you’re broke. Here are some tips for achieving that glam look without burning a gaping hole in your pocket.

  1. Change one aspect of your look, say, for girls, focus on your nails, lipstick and hair.
  2. Instead of having on full makeup, a simple way to look glam is by picking a red lipstick, one that will bring up your face. It will save you money. And time.
  3. Get your hair done. Brush your teeth.
  4. Don’t buy it because it has a comely price tag. Buy that pair of harem pants because you know it would make you happy.
  5. Review your inventory, especially before driving across the city to buy Louboutin oxfords that you cannot afford. Some people are natural hoarders: They hold on to things that they never or rarely use. Face your closet.
  6. Shop for the classics. They never get old and can withstand even a thousand washings. Iron your clothes.
  7. Spend more to save money. Expensive almost always means durable.
  8. Fashion comes in circles. Wear something from the 60s.
  9. Buy only the ones that fit perfectly, rather than those that are three sizes too big or bursting at the seams. Consider the colors. If your taste runs to three to four colors, then most of your clothes can work together, thus expanding your ensemble in 101 more ways.
  10. Take a shopping buddy. She’ll keep your spending in check. Pay in cash and leave your credit card where you can’t see it.
  11. Make cheap clothes look expensive. You can do this by doing away with those off-putting plastic buttons and replacing them with, say, metal ones or mother of pearl. Cannibalize old clothes for these buttons. You’ll be surprised. Avoid washing your clothes. It erodes its quality. Wear it as long as it doesn’t stink like burnt rubber.
  12. Resurrect your closet with bold accessories. Basic bold accessories. You don’t want to look as if you’re a metal detector’s worst nightmare.
  13. Be your own tailor. Clothes are not disposable.
  14. Pre-owned is an acquired taste.
  15. Sell your stuff. Or trade them
  16. Always head to the sale rack.
  17. At all cost, avoid earthy hues! And logos, goddamnit!
  18. Buy a nicely structured tote.
  19. You will never go wrong with a turtle neck.
  20. Tuck your all-basic. Walk your dog. It helps.
  21. Accentuate your look with a perfume that smells like a million pesos. Eat a lot. One of the perks of being fat is that plus sizes are always on sale.
  22. Texturize. Scour the racks for any leather piece.
  23. Look up to fashion figures and be their copycat. Wear not exactly what they are wearing, but something close to it.
  24. Eventually, you’ll be able to define a sense of style you can call your own.
  25. Finally, realize that your clothes don’t equate to your value. Invest in other aspects of yourself—pick up a new hobby, enroll in a personality development class, read a book—more than what you wear. Work on looking smart. And chin up, young lady.

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