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How to prevent a smelly bathroom



AMBI Pure refreshing soap scent.

According to research, people go to the bathroom at least 6-7 times per day. This makes the bathroom as the most used room in a home, thus, making it prone to accumulating dirt faster and  having a lingering odor.

For any home, the ideal bathroom is clean, light and airy, and odor-free, and this gives a good impression especially when you’re hosting guests. This is why we listed down the common culprits to banyo baho-rrors.

1. Molds. Everyone’s #1 enemy are molds. Molds are a type of fungus that grows in moist and dark places — and this is why they love bathrooms for it’s a perfect environment for them to cultivate. Overtime, accumulated molds can cause unpleasant, pungent smell in the bathrooms.

2. Trash bins. Although we don’t throw leftover food in the bathroom trash bin, sanitary napkins and used tissue paper may still emit the bad smell.

3. Shower curtain. Apart from its function, shower curtains provide a decorative touch to any bathroom space. But who wouldn’t cringe to see a shower curtain with mildew and molds in the folds? Aside from this, shower curtains that are left unchanged and are always wet also keep moisture in the bathroom. Product residues also create an unpleasant smell in the long run.

4. Towels. Moist in towels allows bacteria and fungi to grow — that’s the reason why your towels become smelly. This happens when you do not hang your towels to dry.

5. Poor Ventilation. Airflow is essential in keeping your bathroom clean and odor-free. With poor ventilation, it becomes the home for bacteria and fungi because of the accumulation of moist.

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A solution to end your baho-rrible nightmares

We know how troubling it is to feel that the bad smell still lingers after generously cleaning the bathroom — that’s why we have created a solution to your problem. Air fresheners work like a charm in keeping your bathroom smell fresh. Ambi-Pur Bathroom Fresh has a 2-in-1 benefit: it can lock away the unpleasant odors and prevent the smell from sticking onto soft surfaces like towels, shower curtains and rugs.

Aside from bad odor protection, any guest will instantly feel at ease and at home when using the bathroom with its soothing scents. Available in lavender, fresh soap, zesty lemon and fresh apple, you can choose your bathroom fragrance that can last up to 45 days of freshness.