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Filipino flick stars in Israel




Foreign Affairs Undersecretary for Strategic Communications and Research Ernesto C. Abella (left photo), Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs Deputy Director-General Gilad Cohen (center photo) and film director Matthew Rosen (right photo) deliver their respective remarks during the short program prior to the screening of “Quezon’s Game.” Tel Aviv PE photo

The Filipino movie Quezon’s Game owned the limelight when it premiered in cinemas in Tel Aviv in Israel as part of the commencement to the second serving of the Philippine Film Festival at the Cinematheque Tel Aviv held recently in the country.

“It has been over 80 years since the Philippines’ doors opened to the Jewish people and the seeds of friendship planted during Quezon’s time continue to blossom today,” Foreign Affairs Undersecretary Ernesto Abella said.

The film tackled and depicted the long and firm relations between Israel and the Philippines that was propelled by the heroics of the late Philippine President Manuel Quezon.

The film explores the events behind his smart decisions and the trials he had to overcome in bringing Jewish refugees to the Philippines during the holocaust.

Quezon, the second Executive leader of the country, believed that Jewish refugees were assets back then to the Philippines because of their extended knowledge on medicine.

He was able to save the lives of over 1,200 Jews from Nazi Germany.

With his generosity, the Israel nationals have made a holocaust memorial sculpture called ‘Open Doors’ to honor his acts.

The film was initially released last December 2018 and was recognized multiple of times by different bodies.

It has bagged a total of 23 awards that included Best Actor, Best Director and Best Foreign Film by World FEst, IndieFest Film Festival and Maryland Interational Film Festival.

Starred in the film were veteran actors in Raymond Bagatsing, Rachel Alejandro, David Bianco and Kate Alejandrino.

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