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Class of 2019: The next chapter exhibit



Phileen Hipolito’s Ikapati writing desk is made of meranti wood with a touch of solihiya. Bamboo cane solihiya is also incorporated in her Mayari lounge chair.

Mapua University’s Industrial Design students recently created fresh design perspectives showcasing the importance of design in our daily lives in the exhibit, “Class of 2019: The Next Chapter Exhibit” at S Maison.

A joint project of Mapua University’s Industrial Design Program and S Maison, “Class of 2019: The Next Chapter” included works of the Portfolio class. The exhibit showcased furniture and prototypes to accommodate today’s daily needs. These ranged from tables, chairs and lighting fixtures to other everyday items like shoes and bags. Also included were prototypes of some appliances like microwave oven and hotplate.

INSPIRED by the form and shape of a tree, Enry Castro’s Albina table lamp is made of laser-cut plywood.


KAREN Tolentino’s Deutch is a Scandinavian-style television stand.


ENRY Castro’s Resin Blocks was made by pouring resin on an embedded laser cut model.

The Form Development class also presented works highlighting materials and techniques in a range of various model constructions that generate and develop forms as structures and as visual entities.

The Industrial Design Program is part of Mapua University’s School of Architecture, Industrial Design and The Built Environment. The program focuses on design products and services that are innovative, useful, safe, aesthetically appropriate, culturally acceptable, ecologically sound and socially beneficial to serve the needs of society, consumers, manufacturers and the environment.