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Bellevue caps new milestone



BH&R marketing manager Jel Lagman-Villarin and The Bellevue Manila events manager RK Acapulco display their trophies after winning the Oustanding Sales and Marketing Manager and Outstanding Sales and Marketing Associate, respectively in the 2019 Mabuhay Awards and 2019 Virtus Awards. Also in photo are B Hotels managing director Ryan Chan, The Bellevue Manila managing director Patrick Chan, The Bellevue Manila resident manager Marivic Recio, Annie Bisuna, Amie Villena, Rhana Barit, Yumi Chan and her husband, The Bellevue Resort managing director Dustin Chan.

The fast-paced environment of sales and marketing in the hospitality industry is not for the faint of heart, as it is for people who are never afraid to take risks, people who have the courage to make things happen and people who burn with passion.

These qualities — however hard to acquire — were displayed by people like The Bellevue Hotels and Resorts’ marketing manager, Jel Lagman-Villarin, who achieved a company milestone by being the first Mabuhay Awardee for The Bellevue Hotels and Resorts in 17 years.

The recognition also broke two industry records within a month — winner of the Manager Category at the 24th Mabuhay Awards, the biggest edition to date with the most number of candidates totaling to 105 nominees from rank and file to general managers; and the first-ever in the industry to win unprecedented victory at the Mabuhay Awards and Virtus Awards in the same year.

Villarin continued the hotel group’s four-year winning streak as she was named the Outstanding Sales and Marketing Manager of the Virtus Awards spearheaded by the Hotel Sales and Marketing Association (HSMA). She was given the prestigious accolade for her pro-activeness, attention to detail, ability to talk a blue streak, and ability to engage and build connections — essential skills in becoming a successful hotel sales and marketing professional.

Following her recent victory at the Virtus Awards, Villarin received the Mabuhay Award for the Manager Category.

The Association of Human Resources Managers in the Hospitality Industry founded the Mabuhay Awards to give recognition to outstanding members of the industry. Villarin won by unanimous decision because of her track record in creating unique promotions to significantly increase revenue, her strong advocacy in providing service with a heart, her dedication to continuous improvement not only for her professional development, but also for her team and her company, her proactive mentorship, and her will to pursue her personal and professional goals despite all the challenges she has to face.

Anyone who has ever worked with Villarin would agree that she is a very hard worker, a resilient fighter, a passionate marketer and an inspiring mentor — the very traits that won the hearts of the 2019 Mabuhay Awards judges.

The 31-year-old marketing maven started her journey to becoming a hotelier when she joined The Bellevue Manila as a telephone operator. As an Information Technology graduate, she felt like she didn’t belong. But with her persistence, the guidance of her mentors, and the unwavering support of The Bellevue Hotels and Resorts management, she flourished into one of today’s leading marketing professionals in the industry. She truly knows what it means to “start from the bottom and work your way up.”

“It didn’t matter if I started at the very bottom. Years after and several companies in the middle, here I am, leading the marketing team of the Bellevue Group, back in my home — where it all started,” said Villarin in her acceptance speech.

“To my fellow telephone operators, millennials, colleagues of all walks of life — this is my time, this is your time, this is our time, to make history,” she added.

From telephone operator to the youngest department head leading the marketing team of The Bellevue Hotels and Resorts, Villarin is living proof that dedication, hard work and humility are the keys to success.

When asked what’s next for the multi-award-winning Marketing Manager, she said, “I am extremely grateful for all the opportunities I have received, and for the awards I have been given. It still feels surreal. I’m happy to have represented my Bellevue family. Now, I believe it’s time to pass the baton. There are many young and exceptional members in the company who deserve the same chance I was given and I cannot wait to see them on that stage giving their own acceptance speeches. Until then, we will all be in the office doing what we do best — working as a team and supporting each other as one whole family.”