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Rajo’s having a baby (wear)




It used to be that baby wear was confined to the usual white lampin, wraparound cotton shirts and shorts. These were functional, in plain white and made out of convenience. But these days, kids’ fashion has evolved in such a way that even a fashion designer was tapped to create something that could be considered fun, attractive and trendy.

Rajo Laurel has collaborated with Philips Avent, not really to make baby bottles, but to create the so-called onesies that in the first place he didn’t have the faintest idea about.

“When Philips approached me, I asked my sister who’s about to have a baby what I can do for her and what she needs. And the first thing that came to her mind was that she needed onesies. I didn’t know what it was so I googled it because I’m the type of person who likes to learn more, then I decided to tackle that challenge,” Laurel said.

The fun and colorful onesie design for babies aged six to 12 months was actually inspired by balloons.

“Balloons create so much emotion for a child. Balloons are non-gender specific, it could be a boy or a girl. They bring joy to a child,” Laurel explained.

Laurel said that unlike adult wear, one has to be more careful about the materials used for infants.

“When you are primarily designing for infants, you have to choose materials that are gentle, the colors and dyes should be non-toxic and snaps should be a consideration. There’s a lot of things that should be considered specifically in terms of the materials, like it has to be 100 percent pure cotton. You can’t use mixed because you have to realize it has to be more comfortable for the child, babies specifically,” he explained.

Laurel added that as far as trends are concerned, babies can be more fashionable since they are getting more attention these days.

“So whatever is happening in the adult world is also happening in the baby world. Designing baby clothes is here and that’s because we love our babies and we love our children and it translates to that,” he shared.

Maite Uy, business development manager of Philips Personal Health, said that Filipina moms have been been inspired by Rajo Laurel’s works.

“Rajo has always been passionate about elevating conventional clothes,” Uy said. “This second collaboration with Rajo is a source of pride and joy because we know that the result of this partnership will enable Filipina moms to dress their kids in a fun, colorful and fashionable way.”

The limited edition Rajo! x Philips Avent onesie is available for free with a single receipt minimum purchase of P3,500 of any Philips Avent product in all leading baby stores nationwide.

Aside from the Rajo collaboration, Philips Avent has also launched two new innovations. The Anti-Colic bottle solves parents’ colic concerns with a built-in valve to vent air away from the baby’s tummy. In addition, the unique AirFree vent is designed to help babies swallow less air as they drink by keeping the teat full of milk during feeding.

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